International Programs
International Programs

Study Abroad Options

The International Programs Office administers all university-sponsored education abroad programs and offers advising, information and orientation for all students traveling abroad.

Offerings include summer-, semester- and academic-year long exchange opportunities through our bi-lateral exchange partners and our memberships in three study abroad consortia:  ISEP, UNCEP, and The Magellan Exchange, as well as Short Term Programs, led by our own UNCP faculty members and some other fee-based Study Abroad Programs. This office also assists you in selecting and applying to programs offered by other organizations and universities. 


Long Term Summer-/semester-/year-long:

UNCP University based Bilateral Exchange Agreements. UNCP has negotiated a number of direct student exchange agreements. Students pay tuition and fees at UNCP (enrolling in 12 credit hours of WLS 4990-Study Abroad), complete a throrough Course Authorization process and enroll in courses at the host university. 

Study Abroad opportunities with our Bi-lateral Exchange Partners include:

United Kingdom

Bangor University, Wales

Canterbury Christ Church University


University of Mannheim, School of Humanities

The University of Ludwigsburg

South Korea

University of Seoul

Semester, full-year, or summer


        Umea University

        Semester or full-year

        Linnaeus University
        Semester or full-year

ISEP is a network of 300 institutions in 42 countries, providing a full immersion, exchange enrollment experience for a semester or academic year. All students are encouraged to consider a study abroad option and many programs are available in English (studying a foreign language is available). Program charges are based on UNCP tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad), room and board, resulting in the most affordable option for study abroad.

■ISEP offers summer, semester, and full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.

UNCEP is a UNC network that works very similarly to ISEP, but you pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP and your room and board to your host institution.

■UNCP offer semester or full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.

The Magellan Exchange Program is an opportunity for students to study in another country at an affordable cost. You will pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP.

■The Magellan Exchange offers summer, semester, or full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.

Examples of Previously Approved University-Sponsored Summer-, Semester- and Academic Year-Long Study Abroad Programs:

University College Dublin, Ireland

John Cabot University, Rome, Italy


Short Term Faculty-Led Programs:

UNCP Faculty-Led Programs- Each year, faculty members throughout the campus arrange short-term opportunities overseas. Currently, offerings include:

Berlin, Germany. Contact Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science) (Even Maymesters)

Tokyo, Japan. Contact Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science) (Odd Maymesters)  NOTE:  Students will be enrolled in this course during the Spring semester and meet regularly until they travel in Maymester.

Madrid, Spain. Contact Dr. Enrique Porrua (Foreign Languages) (Even Spring Breaks)

Barcelona, Spain. Contact Dr. Cecilia Lara (Foreign Languages) (Odd Spring Breaks) Spring 2015 trip has been cancelled.

Washington, DC, USA. Contact Dr. Emily Neff Sharum (Political Science) Maymester

Bermuda. Contact Dr. Leon Jernigan (Biology) (Even Summer I)

Costa Rica. Contact Dr. Deborah Hanmer (Biology) (Odd Summer I)

Normandy, France and London, England. (World Studies General Elective) Contact Dr. Mike Spivey Maymester


Please contact The Study Abroad Office if there is another University-Sponsored Study Abroad prgoram you would be interested in choosing.