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Top 10 "Go Green" List


1. Power strips. 

Connect all your electronic devices to power strips, then turn everything off with the flip of a switch when you are not in your room.

2. Full load of laundry.

Throwing a blouse or a pair of pants alone into the wash is a waste of water, energy, and detergent. Make sure you are running a full load of laundry each time you use the washing machine.

3. Report leaks.

Immediately report any leaks such as dripping toilet, sink or shower to maintenance. A leak can waste incredible amounts of water in a short time.

4. Natural light.

If you get natural light from your windows, make sure your overhead lights are turned off whenever possible.

5. Water bottle.

Use a reusable water bottle for that tap water you will be drinking instead of paper or styrofoam.

6. Sleep computers.

Use less energy to power your computer by putting your computer in sleep mode after 15 minutes and turning it off at night.

7. Hang dry clothes.

Not all your clothes need to be dried in a dryer. In fact, some clothes actually do better when not dried that way. Buy a sturdy drying rack and use it for drying t-shirts, cotton and linen clothes, and lingerie.

8. Recycling bin.

Each Residence Hall has a recycling bend, please use it.

9. Water off.

Don’t keep the water running while brushing your teeth or shaving. Instead, turn off the water until you need it again.

10. Bags.

Take reusable bags with you to the store. If you forget and end up with plastic or paper bags, reuse them in creative ways.