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Registrar Contact Us

Office of the Registrar

PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372-1510

Phone: 910.521.6298 or 
Toll free: 800.949.UNC Pembroke (8627)
Fax: 910.521.6328
Relay: 910.521.6298 
Email: registrar@uncp.edu
Location: Lumbee Hall, Room 133


University Registrar
Supporting all office operations.



Natricia DrakeNatricia Drake

Interim Registrar
Email: natricia.drake@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.775.4206
Supporting all office operations and Banner Technology


Charlotte SchmidtCharlotte Schmidt

Graduation Manager
Email: charlotte.schmidt@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.4078
Graduation, Grad Finale and Commencement Exercises


Amber DialAmber Dial

Admin Support Specialist 
Email: amber.dial@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6302
Data Coordinator; Transfer Credit; Grades; Transfer Credit Evaluations; and Office of Admission Liaison for Student Files; Student Support


Marsha FrinkMarsha Frink

Admin Support Specialist
Email: marsha.frink@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.775.4025
Course Scheduling, Classroom Scheduling; Student Support 


Shirley FloydShirley Floyd

Admin Support Specialist
Email: shirley.floyd@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.522.5791
University Withdraw Applicants, Readmit Applications, Purchasing; Budgeting; and Student Support


Shenna ChristianShenna Christian

Admin Support Specialist
Email: shenna.christian@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6622
Assistant to the Registrar; Tuition Surcharge; Distance & Continuing Education Registration Liaison, Advisor Changes; Student Support


Okoye WhittingtonOkoye Whittington

Technology Support Analyst
Email: okoye.whittington@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6300
Degree Audit Encoding Support; Native Banner Student Training, Web Information Coordinator; Student Support



VacantJennifer Brooks

Admin Support Specialist
Phone: 910.521.6874
Graduation Assistant; Name and Address Data Coordinator; NCAA Compliance; Attendance Verification; Course Catalog; Student Support

VacantChristen Funderburk

Admin Support Specialist
Phone: 910.521.6336
Graduation Assistant; Name and Address Data Coordinator; NCAA Compliance; Attendance Verification; Course Catalog; Student Support

Wendy SweatWendy Sweat

Admin Support Specialist
Email: wendy.sweat@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6303
Transcript Processor; Transcripts and File Management; Student Support   

Offline Transcript Request

ALL financial obligations to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke must be met before a transcript request can be processed!

Complete the Transcript Request Form (PDF - requires Adobe Reader) be sure to include information such as: enrolled name (previous name), address, UNC Pembroke Student ID number, dates of attendance, birthday, and send the request to.

Mail to: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke OR Fax to: 910.521.6328
Office of the Registrar    
P.O. Box 1510    
Pembroke, NC 28372    
  • The last four (4) digits of your social security number may be required for identification purposes if enrolled before 2007.
  • Sign the request! (NO transcripts can be processed without signature.)
  • Indicate where the transcript(s) are to be mailed.
  • If the transcript is issued directly to the student, a stamp indicating issued to student will be noted. To ensure it is accepted as official do NOT tamper with or open the sealed envelope with the departments official letterhead.
  • Include a check or money order payable to UNC Pembroke for the full amount of the transcript. (Please note there is a $ 25.00 service charge on all returned checks.)
Transcript Fees
Mailed or Faxed
Same Day Services
  • Transcripts may be faxed, but they are not official! Most universities require an official transcript with a clear and visible school seal.
  • A transcript can be picked up in person during regular business hours. A picture ID is required.

Transcript Ordering Portal

Online Transcript Request

All financial obligations to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke must be met before a transcript request can be processed.

The Registrar's Office provides transcripts of a student/alum's official UNCP academic record, both undergraduate and/or graduate, upon request. All transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse.



  • Electronic PDF Transcripts: It is recommended that students confirm with recipients the acceptance of electronic PDF transcripts prior to ordering. The electronic transcript is only official when emailed directly to the recipient.
  • Standard Processing Time for transcript requests is one (1) hour, regardless of selected delivery method; however, additional processing time could result from vault records (transcripts older than 1980), data mismatches, and/or during peak periods, such as end of term. An email notification will be sent when the transcript has been processed for delivery or is available for pick-up in Office of the Registrar.
  • Pick-up times for 'hold for pick-up' transcripts are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday in the Office of the Registrar. ***Transcript orders will not be processed when the office is closed.***
  • For pick-up transcripts, a valid picture ID is required. Only the student listed on the transcript or his/her designated third party (presenting written authorization from the student) may pick up the transcript. The person pickup up the transcript on your behalf must present a valid photo ID.
  • If the transcript is issued directly to the student, a stamp indicating issued student will be noted. to ensure it is accepted as official do NOT tamper with or open the sealed envelope with the department's official letterhead.


Order Transcript


To request your transcript OFFLINE see the information provided here.

2017 Fall Undergraduate Graduation Listing

***Tentative to change***

 Being listed here does not ensure the student has completed their degree program. This listing is strictly for reference purposes only. Students who believe that they should be listed as an expected Fall graduate and do not see their name here should contact a member of the Graduation Staff in the Registrar's Office. Contact Graduation@uncp.edu with the subject line "Graduation List".



Adams, Brianna S. Business Administration: Management
Adams, Kelsey Renee Birth-Kindergarten
Akin, Michele Sociology
Alexandria Si-Belle Davis Psychology
Allen, Jennifer Chemistry: General
Almond, Chase Tucker Computer Science
Ammons, Candi Haithcox Birth-Kindergarten
Anderson Jr., Kevin Dewayne Criminal Justice & Sociology
Anderson, Lydia Dorelle Biology: General
Andrades, Leonardo Bard Chemistry: General
Archibald, Bonnie Murray Social Work
Arrington Jr., Harold A. Biology: General
Bamberg, Rondrick Deshawn Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Bao, Wanying Business Administration: Finance
Barham, Christina Gayle Criminal Justice
Barnette, Desmond Bardo Criminal Justice
Barrett, Nicole Vondale Criminal Justice
Baskerville, Shazia Diann Sociology
Batten, Joseph Andrew Environmental Science
Baysden, Hannah Elizabeth Mathematics Education: Mid Grades: Bio
Beard, Linda Marie History
Beheler, Christian Elaine Social Work
Benke, Scott E. Mass Communication: BRD
Bennett, Amanda Sue Exercise and Sport Science: Health Promotion
Bermingham Royer, Taylor Anna Musical Theatre
Bermudez, Fernando Jose Biology: General
Bethea, Macie D. Biology: BMED
Bigler, Madison Rae Criminal Justice
Binger, Nicolle Victoria Mathematics Education: Mid Grades: Hist
Blakley Jr., Earley John Biology: General
Boardman, Brittany Nichole Criminal Justice
Bonneau, Lauren Michelle Elise Sociology
Bowens, Miranda Geneva Psychology
Boykin, Chandria Altira. Criminal Justice
Braithwaite, Bryanna Jakia Business Administration: Management & Finance
Branch, Jason Timothy Social Work
Brewer, Ethan Wayne Criminal Justice
Brewton, Dennay Monique Social Work
Bridgeman, Byron Connor Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Brim, Kelvin Alexander Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Brooks, Amy Rena Sociology
Brooks, Faith Lorraine Criminal Justice
Brown, Cynara Psychology
Brown, Jacob Michael Elem Ed:K-6: Reading
Brown, Taylor Marie Elem Ed:K-6: Mathematics
Bryant, Jayla Mone't Biology: General
Buck, Lindsey Michelle Social Work
Bullard, Holly Sentel Criminal Justice
Bullard, Jennifer Joneen Biology: General
Bullard, Meagan Latara Kay Sociology
Bunah, Jacob Kiprop Computer Science
Burge, Serina Ashley Sociology
Burnett, Matthew Scott Computer Science
Burns, Shanna Varette Sociology
Cannon, Angela M. Criminal Justice
Cantera, Gabriela Adriana Exercise and Sport Science: Sports Management
Capps, Lance Dono Sociology
Cardona Rivera, Eric M. Business Administration: Management
Carlton, Antonio Maurice Criminal Justice
Carson, Cayce Marie English
Carter, Yancey Leigh Art: Education Licensure
Cassidy, Shatanna Javon Criminal Justice
Chavis, Nicholas Bender Biotechnology
Chavis, Tiffany Leann Social Work
Cheatham, Madelyn Grace Information Technology
Cheek, Kevin O'Neal Biology: General
Cheek, Kyle Wesley Biology: General
Clarke, Tzaddi Sociology
Clay, Aaron Benjamin Criminal Justice
Cole, Hannah Elizabeth Biology: Zoology
Coleman, Chloe' Aundreya Music Education: Instrumental
Conner, Sherry Plemmons Sociology
Cooper, Kenyetta L. Social Work
Cooper, Kimberly Suzette Nursing (RN-BSN)
Coppola, Marianna Biology: BMED
Corlew Jr, Tyrone Lamont Art: Studio Art
Cotton, Portia Martavia Charee Psychology
Covington, Monica Paige Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Covington, Valonda Tametra Birth-Kindergarten
Cox, Alexis Alexandria Psychology
Crowder, Tucker Monroe Accounting
Cuarezma, Johannus Van Exercise and Sport Science: Sports Management
Dail, David Ross Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Dang, Mengkun Business Administration: Management
Daniel, Krystal Michelle Sociology
Daniel, Paula Renee Sociology
Dattilo, Justin James Biology: General
Daussy, Keschia Criminal Justice
Davis, Dylan Michael Business Administration: Marketing
Davis, Jordan Craig Environmental Science
Davis, Mallory Ruth Biology: General
Deakins, Holly C. Sociology
Deese, Holly Danielle Social Work
Dewberry, Adarian Terrie English
Dickens, Breana Zhane' Danielle Social Work
Dickey, Majorie Elizabeth Business Administration: Management
Dicks, Ty'Breika Quane'cia Marionique Social Work
Didomenico, Kristen Jasienowski Biology: General
Dongre, Syelee Vivek Psychology
Donovan, Alexandra Nichole Biology: General
Dove, Jamison Bernard Criminal Justice
Drakeford, Myicha Antoinette Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Dudley, Taylor Latrese Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Dupuy, Marie Suzanne Chemistry: Pre-Health
Egelston, Forrest Sue Business Administration: Management
Ellis, Lillie Ruth Criminal Justice & Sociology
Epley, Angela Bazzle Sociology
Etheridge, William Thomas Gordon Chemistry: General
Eudy, Brandon J Applied Information Technology: Industrial Admin
Evans Jr., Alexander James Criminal Justice
Farrington, Shannon Leigh Sociology
Fingland, Trevor Amadeus Mathematics & Biology: MOL
Fletcher, Vickie Cook Applied Professional Studies: General
Floyd, Chneadra Montrique' Criminal Justice
Floyd, Wendell Scott Sociology
Foley, Rebekah Ann Biology: Zoology
Fowler, Emma Caroline Criminal Justice
Freeman, Ariel Devin Sociology
Freeman, Kelsee Justine Criminal Justice
Freeman, Zachary Doyle History
Gane, Daniel Mark Environmental Science
Garcia, Angel Luis History
Gaskins, Natasha Estelle Political Science: Public Admin
Gavarrete, Jessenia Noemy Criminal Justice & Sociology
Gerbe Jr., Ronald William Sociology
Gerdes, Elizabeth Ann Biology: General
Gibson, Lauren Elise Political Science: Pre-Law
Giddens, Jahvae Natrell Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Gilchrist, Darby Garrett Mathematics
Giotis, Heather C. Computer Science
Godsey, Eric Thomas Criminal Justice
Goins, Alvin Bentley Sociology
Gonzalez, Israel Luis Basil Biology: General
Goode, Miah Alexsis Criminal Justice
Gooden, Elizabeth Angela Mass Communication: BRD
Goods, Ineshia Reshawn Social Work
Gore, Savannah Leigh Elem Ed:K-6: History
Graham, Dajah Iyonna Criminal Justice
Greene, Claudia Marie Special Education: Reading
Greene, Gabriell Mone't Chemistry: Forensics
Guffey, Donna Public & Non-profit Admit: General
Guinn, Candy Pope English Education: Mid Grades: Soc
Hadnott, Tia Danielle Psychology
Hagedorn, Kalie Lynn Psychology
Hagy, Katelyn Elizabeth Psychology
Hammonds, Ronisha LeShon Exercise and Sport Science: Health Promotion
Hancha, Paula Janell Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Hanchey, Tanner Austin Criminal Justice
Harrington, Carvon L. Mass Communication: BRD
Harrison, Jasmine BreAnna Environmental Science
Hawkins, Carlie Victoria Biology: PTOT
Hensley, Caroline Grey Mass Communication: BRD
Hester, Hannah Lynn Mass Communication: PUB
Hester, Hilary Paige Biology: General
Hester, Zachary Steven Computer Science
Hicks, Arik Edwin Mass Communication: BRD
Hill, Sheaquan Jenee Sociology
Hinz, Jillian Ann Public & Non-profit Admit: Substance Abuse
Hite, Christopher Aaron Criminal Justice & Sociology
Hunnicutt, Leigh-Anne Social Work
Hunt, Adia Resha Sociology
Hunt, Katara D Health and Physical Educ K-12
Hunt, Katelyn Christine Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Hunt, Kathryn Michelle Hing Hu Nursing (RN-BSN)
Hunt, Kayla Psychology
Hunt, Randall Adam Mass Communication: PUB
Hunt, Steven B. Health and Physical Educ K-12
Hunter, Christopher Thomas Musical Theatre
Hunter, Melissa Danielle Biology: General
Hussey, Roma Marie Business Administration: Management
Ibrahim, Ayman Elkhatab Information Technology
Isaacs, Stefan Jamal English
Ivey, Dylan Ross Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Ivey, Megan Cassidy Birth-Kindergarten
Jackson, Jada Art: Education Licensure
Jacobs, Caleb Heath Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Jacobs, Daniel Lee Business Administration: Management
Jacobs, Summer Raine English: Literary Studies
Jacobs, Tenita Lynn Biology: Zoology
Jah, Charlie Jean Biology: General
Jammie, Caughron Sociology & Criminal Justice
Janney, Jerica Kay Biology: BMED & Psychology
Jefferies, Kaasha Janae Political Science: General
Jhala, Jesse Haresh Biology: General
Johnson, Rachel Ward Business Administration: Management
Johnson, RaShaun T. Business Administration: Marketing
Johnson, Rosezetta Yvette Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Johnson, Stephanie Jill Business Administration: Management
Johnson, Wanda Williams Sociology
Jones, Belinda Denise Business Administration: Finance
Jones, Chandra Haven Business Administration: Management
Jones, Shequante Kierra English
Jones-McAlister, Jermal Allen Mass Communication: BRD
Kabeya, Gracia Criminal Justice
Kampe, Ashley Simone Information Technology
Kendrick, Jordan Lin Political Science: Public Admin
Kennedy, Kyle Edward Exercise and Sport Science: Sports Management
Kincer, Gerald Thomas Business Administration: Management
King Hendricks, Toni Latasha Sociology
Kinney, Leah Grayce Mass Communication: PUB
Kornegay, Brian Daniel Environmental Science
Lambert, Crystal Lynn Sociology
Lane, Jakita Clyde Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Lauder, Emily Kay Social Work
Lee, Earnie Cleophus Mass Communication: BRD
Leviner, Dakota Seis Biology: PTOT
Levy, Amanda Kay Business Administration: Management
Lezama, Alejandro Criminal Justice
Li, Shuang Accounting
Li, Xueqing Business Administration: Finance
Liao, Mingyu Business Administration: Finance
Lindsey, Kathleen Kendall Criminal Justice
Link, Logan Lassiter Criminal Justice
Liston, Glenda Anne Public & Non-profit Admit: Financial Admin
Locklear, Austin Gabriel Biology: BMED
Locklear, Berri Nicole Mathematics
Locklear, Colleen Rose Social Work
Locklear, Heather Danielle Biology: General
Locklear, Jessica Ann Criminal Justice
Locklear, Katarina Loreal Biology: PTOT
Locklear, Kristen Breanna Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Locklear, Taylor Maria Biology: PTOT
Locklear, Terrie Rose Chemistry: Pre-Health
Long, Ronald Tristen Biology: BMED
Lopez, Zelma Addin Spanish
Love Jr, Troy Lee Social Work
Lovett, Alicia Kay Criminal Justice
Lowery, David Social Work
Lowry, Ashley R. Criminal Justice
Malloy, Casey Ryan History
Maloy, Chris Business Administration: Management
Markey, Jessica Renae American Indian Studies & History
Maynor, Harvey N. Information Technology
Mayo, Samantha Danika Exercise and Sport Science: Health Promotion
McAfee, Kabrina Odetta Biology: General
McCaffrey, Brandon-Michael Ortega Biology: PTOT
McCoy, Willie R. Business Administration: Management
McCray, Amber Nicole Mass Communication: JRN
McDougal, Eunikia Cherrelle Social Work
McEwen, Abigail Bray Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
McGill, McKenzie Deante' Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
McGinty, Daniel Joseph Business Administration: Management
McGriff, Marquavius D. Criminal Justice
McInnis, Morgan Ann Elem Ed:K-6: Reading
McIver III, Alvin Exercise and Sport Science: Sports Management
McLeod, Matthew Michael Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
McMillan, Carolina Ellene Biology: PTOT
McNeil, Kianna Christine Sociology
McNeill, Ashley Nicole Sociology
McNeill, Autumn Shanae Elem Ed:K-6: Mathematics
McNeill, Latonya Michelle Sociology
McPhatter, Hazel S. Sociology
Mikombo, David Nsanga Business Administration: Finance
Miller, Madeline Ross Business Administration: Finance
Monley, Jonissa Lavon Business Administration: Marketing
Montoya, Crystal Aundrea Criminal Justice
Moore Bianca Breon Biology: PTOT
Moore Jr., Ronnie Ervin Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Morales Zumarraga, Andrea Thais Chemistry: Forensics
Morrison, Sue Ellen Nursing (RN-BSN)
Morrow, Zelius Nivoe Criminal Justice & Sociology
Moseley, Amanda N. Political Science: General
Moss, Brendin James Business Administration: Economics
Mullins Wilkinson, Tina Marie Public & Non-profit Admit: General
Myers, Michael Stanley Business Administration: Entrepreneurship
Nash, Miah Lynn Social Work
Nelligan, Emily Lynn Special Education: English Language Arts
Newell, Ky'Esha Michelle Biology
Noonan, Patrick Seamus Business Administration: Management
Norris, Misti N. Business Administration: Economics
O'Brien, Patrick Thomas Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Odum, Tara Caitlin Accounting
Oxendine, Jonathon Brandon Criminal Justice & Sociology
Oxendine, Matthew Bryant Criminal Justice
Oxendine, Sierra Mattison Chemistry: Pre-Pharmacy
Ozment, Rebecca Lynn Sci Education: Mid Grades: Bio
Padgett, Weston James Criminal Justice
Paeplow, Alicia Lynn Business Administration: Management
Palmer, Tyneesha Malika Business Administration: Entrepreneurship
Park, Rebecca Lauren Biology: General
Parsons II, Paul Kent Business Administration: Management
Pate, Vrutik Business Administration: Finance
Paul, Erin Marie Biology: General
Peck, Matthew Oliver Nursing (RN-BSN)
Petersen, Ivana Rachelle Elem Ed:K-6: Special Education
Phillips, Arkisha Sociology
Pighet, Vinnita Information Technology
Pinnix, Lauren Business Administration: Finance
Poole, Maxine Elaine Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Powell Jr, Michael Dencho Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Powell, Gary Eugene Criminal Justice
Powers, Brittany Morgan Elem Ed:K-6: Exercise and Sport Science
Prichard, Lashonda Marie Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Ramoutar, Kavita Social Work
Ray III, John McNeill Business Administration: Management
Rees, Justin Anthony Criminal Justice
Reid III, Edward Arvell Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Revels, Georgianna J. Mathematics
Revels, Whitney Ann Psychology
Revilla, Anita Faye Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Reyes, Luis Sr. Business Administration: Management
Richards, Jessica Nicole Business Administration: Management
Richardson, Sandra K. Sociology
Rivera, Yolga Antonia Business Administration: Management
Robinson, Alexander Tyrelle Criminal Justice
Robinson, Brianna M. Psychology
Rodriguez, Yanessa Frankie Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Roscoe Elliott, Jillian Marie Social Work
Rosen, Abby Elizabeth History
Rouse, Karen Lynn Criminal Justice
Rowe, Kacey Lorraine Social Work
Ruiz, Amy Marie Art: Education Licensure
Ruth, Cathy Ellen Public & Non-profit Admit: General
Salzler, Robert Andrew Sociology
Samuel, Marquel Rashawn Psychology
Sanchez, Carolina Exercise and Sport Science: Health Promotion
Sanderson, Keana Biology: Zoology
Sarkorh, Kelvin Wesseh Business Administration: Management
Saryee, Hanson Business Administration: Marketing
Savinon, Allison Marie Biology: General
Scholten, Anna Nicole Business Administration: Management
Schuft, Stephanie E. Public & Non-profit Admit: General
Scott, Andre' Leon Criminal Justice
Scott, Esther N. Sociology
Scott, Mallory Blake Sociology
Scott, Terrance Laquan Criminal Justice
Sears, Jacob Tyler Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Shackelford, Logan Dabney Sociology
Shanahan, Meredith Ann Music Education: Vocal
Shapira, Norman Panilawon Sociology
Shelton, Milo Marquesas Biology: General
Shepherd, Eliza Renee' Music Education: Instrumental
Sherin, Richard Theodore Criminal Justice
Sherman, Melissa Lynn Business Administration: Management
Sidavong, Sengsuri Business Administration: Management
Simmons, Amber Michelle Elem Ed:K-6: Reading
Simmons, Miranda Alexis Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Simmons, Whitney Denise Political Science
Smith Jr, Jessie Social Work
Smith, Charles Hayden Criminal Justice
Smith, Delisa Latoria Mercedes Business Administration: Management
Smith, Emily Brooke History
Smith, Hunter Lee Sociology
Smith, Jake Carl Biology: General
Smith, Katlyn Elizabeth Business Administration: Management
Smith, Micheal Andrew Business Administration: Management
Smith, Sesiley Nicole Biology: General
Smith, Taylor Nicole Elem Ed:K-6: Reading
Snipes, Jasmine Nicole Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Snodgrass, Regina Nursing (RN-BSN)
Spann, Joseph Jacobi Business Administration: Finance
Spears, Samantha James Criminal Justice
Spivey, Courtney Harrelson Sci Education: Mid Grades: Geo
Stamatoukos, Maria Danielle Psychology
Stanley, Brianna Nicole Biology: PTOT
Steele, Kathleen Jane Business Administration: Management
Stewart, Samuel James Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Stewart, Sheneque Denise Sociology
Stitt, Shyane Beonca Danielle English: Theatre Arts
Stoker, Shayla Kaye Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Strickland, Dustin Environmental Science
Styers, Casandra Marie Psychology
Summers, Alea' Jo-Nae Biology: PTOT
Sweatt, Neil Jay Sociology
Tate, Josaphina Nicole Social Work
Taylor, Jassica Viola Exercise and Sport Science: Recreation Management
Taylor, McKenzie Roneisha Sociology
Taylor, Terrell Randell Criminal Justice
Tester, Brandon Richard Mass Communication: JRN
Thompson, Carli Shaye English Education: Secondary
Thompson, Tierra Emoni Biology: General
Thornton, Joseph David Mass Communication: BRD
Threatt, Tyler Denzel Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Townsend, Samantha Scott Applied Information Technology: Operations Management
Triplett, Stephanie Grace Sociology
Trippett, Shantay Marie Criminal Justice
Tucker, Karen Kay Business Administration: Management
Turlington, Christain R. Chemistry: General
Ubani, Chiamaka Social Work
VanEssendelft, Olivia Maree Exercise and Sport Science: Exericse Physiology
Vennie, Janee Shaleese Biology: PTOT
Verrault. William Robert Business Administration: Finance
Walker, Daryl Kelan Biology: General
Walker, Randi Renee-Nicole Criminal Justice
Walker, Zachary Russ Sociology
Wang, Enyu Business Administration: Management
Wang, Jiahong Business Administration: Management
Watkins, Jordan Elijah Information Technology
Watson, Olivia Faith Elem Ed:K-6: Reading
Watts, Allyson Sierra Fields Art: Education Licensure
Watts, Jenna Grey Mathematics Education: Secondary
Weaver, Ciara Nicole Philosophy & Religion
Whitaker, Kaylin Nikole Mass Communication: PUB
White, Voshti Idai Environmental Science
Wiggins, Ashley Brooke Exercise and Sport Science: Health Promotion
Williams, Alexa Hope Criminal Justice
Williams, Amanda Ann Criminal Justice
Williams, Daijai S. Social Work
Williams, Danteaus Marcel Criminal Justice
Williams, Denetric Deon Criminal Justice
Williams, Elijah Raheem Information Technology
Williams, Felicia Ann Social Work
Williams, Nichalus Jordan English: Theatre Arts
Williams, Taylor Sheree Biology: General
Wilson, Aleyah I. Biology: PTOT
Wilson, Aneyah Kiara Biology: PTOT
Winford, Brandon Jordan Information Technology
Winn, Cayla Lanay Mass Communication: PUB
Wise, Stephen Michael Chemistry: Pre-Health
Withers, Damari Montrez Psychology
Woodell, Sherry Sociology
Woods, Reginald Leon Political Science: Pre-Law
Worley, Brittany Lynn Biology: General
Wosu, Gift Chibuzor Criminal Justice
Wright, Albert Hiawatha Jr. Exercise and Sport Science: Sports Management
Wright, Stacy Sociology
Wyche, Darrin Nicholas English
Xiong, Hsiao Biology: General
Xu, Chang Business Administration: International
Yanessa, John Francis Criminal Justice
Young, Morgan Tyndall Social Work
Zimmerman, Tomitha E. Social Work
Zweifel, Justin Michael Criminal Justice



2018 Fall

Note: UNC Pembroke reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the academic calendar.

Fall **Tentative**



New Student Orientation

Financial Calendar

Housing and Residence Life

Wednesday, August 15

Fall Classes Begin

Tuesday, August 21

Last day to drop/add courses

Financial Aid Freeze Dates

Tuesday, August 28

Census date

Monday, September 3

Labor Day (University Closed)

Thursday, September 13

Immunization deadline

Friday, September 14

Last day to withdraw from 1st 8-week courses

Friday, October 5

Last day of first 8 week session

Monday, October 8

Midterm Grades due / First 8-week course grades due

Monday, October 8

Second session 8-week courses begin

Wednesday, October 10

Last day to drop/add second session 8-week courses

Financial Aid Freeze Dates



October 11-13

Fall Break


Grad Finale (Pick up regalia, tickets, pre-graduation celebration!)


October 15-19


Friday, October 20

Last day to withdraw from regular session courses


October 22-26

Pre-Registration for Spring (currently enrolled students)

November 2

December 2019 Graduation - Application Due

Friday, November 9

Last day to withdraw from second session 8-week courses

Wednesday, November 21

No classes

Thursday-Saturday November 22-24

Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Friday, November 30

Last day of classes


December 3-7

Final Exams

Friday, December 7

Commencement for School of Graduate Studies 7:00 pm

Saturday, December 8

Commencement for Undergraduate Students 10:00 am

Monday, December 10

Final Grades Due by 5:00 pm

2018 Spring

Spring 2018 Academic Calendar






New Student Orientation

Financial Calendar

Housing and Residence Life


Jan- 8



Spring Semester Classes Begin

Jan- 12


Last day to add/drop courses 8 a.m.

Financial Aid Freeze Dates


Jan- 15


MLK  Jr. Day (University closed)

Jan- 22


Census date

Feb- 6


Immunization deadline

Feb- 9


Last day to withdraw from 1st 8-week courses



March- 2


Last day of 1st  8-week courses end

March- 5


Midterm grades due/1st  8-week course grades due

Mar- 5-9


Spring Break (No Classes)


March- 12


2nd 8 week courses begins

March- 14


Last day to add/drop for 2nd 8 week courses

Financial Aid Freeze Dates



Grad Finale

March- 16


Last day to withdraw from regular session courses



Advising Week & Declaration of Major, Minor Week

Mar- 26-29



Pre-Registration for Summer I, II and Fall 2018 (currently enrolled students)

Seniors           March 26 at 12:00 a.m.

Juniors           March 27 at 12:00 a.m.

Sophomores   March 28 at 12:00 a.m.

Freshman       March 29 at 12:00 a.m.

March- 30


Students registered last Fall 2017 but not this Spring 2018

March- 30


Good Friday Holiday (University closed)

April- 2


May & Summer I, II 2019 Graduation Application Due

April- 9


Open Registration (for all others)

April- 16


Last day to withdraw from 2nd 8-week courses

April- 27


Classes end

April 30-May 4


Final exams

May- 4


Commencement for School of Graduate Studies 7:00 p.m.

May- 5



Commencement for Undergraduate Students 9:00 a.m.

May- 7


Final grades due by 5:00 p.m.



Maymester begins


Note:  UNC Pembroke reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the academic calendar

2018 Summer II

Note: UNC Pembroke reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the academic calendar

Wednesday, June 27

 Summer II Begins

Thursday, June 29

 Last day to drop/add Summer II courses

  Financial Aid Freeze Dates

Wednesday, July 4

 Independence Day Holiday (University Closed)

Thursday, July 19

 Last day to withdraw from Summer II courses

Wednesday, Aug 1

 Summer II ends, Final Exams

Thursday, Aug 2

 Summer II final grades due at 5 p.m.

2018 Summer Intra I

Note: UNC Pembroke reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the academic calendar

Tuesday, May 22

Summer I Intrasession begins

Wednesday, May 23

Last day to drop/add Intrasession course

Financial Aid Freeze Dates

Monday, May 28

Memorial Day Holiday (University Closed)

Monday, June 4

Last day to withdraw from Summer I Intrasession course

Tuesday, June 12

Summer I Intrasession ends

2018 Summer I

Note: UNC Pembroke reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the academic calendar

Tuesday, May 22

Summer I Begins

Thursday, May 24

Last day to add/drop class in Summer I

Financial Aid Freeze Dates

Monday, May 28

Memorial Day Holiday (University Closed)

Tuesday, June 12

Last day to withdraw from Summer I Classes

Tuesday, June 26

Summer I ends, Final exams

Wednesday, June 27

Summer I grades due by 5:00


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