Geology & Geography

Geo-Environmental Studies

The B.S. in Geo-Environmental Studies is a flexible, interdisciplinary program that allows students to meet their needs in earth-centered studies.  The major provides a base from multiple sciences that is important in understanding the geosciences in an environmental context.  Students can choose to concentrate on geology or geography or a mix. The degree has two tracks to choose from, a geoscience track and a geography track.

Geography Minor

Geography is a discipline that provides a contextual view of the world. It interacts with disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences by providing a location-based perspective. The relationships that bind us to the landscapes we inhabit are considered broadly through a focus on human:environment interaction.

Geospatial Technologies Certificate

Geospatial Technologies Certificate

Geospatial technologies are a range of digital tools used to map and analyze geographic phenomena. Today, geospatial technologies influence how we view the world around us from data captured using space-borne satellites to providing users the ability to find that great restaurant they heard about. Geographic Information Systems generally lie at the heart of geospatial technologies by providing databases to store spatial data, analytical capability to query the data, and cartographic representation to share the data.

Intern hours report

Thank you for supporting student internships for the Department of Geology and Geography at UNC Pembroke. Please submit each student intern's hours weekly so that we can keep track of their activity and hours toward the completion of their internship. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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