Blind Cat Therapy

Blind Cat Therapy

The Blind Cat Sanctuary in St. Pauls, NC offers a peace-filled fur-ever home for cats that are blind or terminally ill. Research shows that spending time with all forms of nature, and animals in particular, enhances positive mental health. That is why CAPS now offers a Blind Cat Therapy Group. 

In this group you will connect with other animal lovers and meet some remarkable animals with incredible stories. These cats are not up for adoption. They just need love, time, and attention, like we do. Transportation to and from and the sanctuary is provided, and the experience is all your own.

*Space is limited! Visit CAPS during triage hours daily 9am - 3:30pm to sign up.


From to at 2nd Floor - Brave Health Center.

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05:00PM EDT
02:30PM EDT
2nd Floor - Brave Health Center