Pregnant & Parenting Supportive Measures

Pregnant students should be treated by the university the same way as someone who has a temporary disability, and be given an opportunity to make up missed work wherever possible.  Supportive Measures, such as, extended deadlines, make-up assignments (e.g., papers, quizzes, tests, and presentations), tutoring, independent study, online course completion options, and incomplete grades that can be completed at a later date, should all be employed, and assistive supports typically provided by the Center for Student Success (910.775.4286) and the Accessibility Resource Center (910.521.6891) should be available.  To the extent possible, the university will take reasonable steps to ensure that pregnant and parenting students who take a leave of absence return to the same position of academic progress that they were in when they took leave, including access to the same course catalog that was in place when the leave began.  The Title IX Coordinator has the authority to determine that such supportive measures are necessary and appropriate, and to inform faculty members of the need to adjust academic parameters accordingly.

The university will not discriminate against students who are adopting, or whose significant other is pregnant, or is dealing with childbirth, false pregnancy, adoption, termination of pregnancy, or recovery therefrom.  These students will also be provided the same opportunities for supportive measures. 

Please use the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance's Pregnant & Parenting Supportive Measures Request Form when seeking accommodations.