Braves Registration


  1. Click on the New Users link (found at the top left corner of the screen).
  2. Activate your network account (you will need a network account to access BraveWeb and BraveMail) by clicking on the Click Here link under Students.
  3. Enter the requested information (Last Name, Home Zip Code, and Secret Code) on the Account Activation page. Click Begin.
  4. Review the conditions of the agreement and click in the I Agree circle. Then click Submit.
  5. On the Security Questions page, follow the given instructions and choose two security questions. These questions will be used to allow you access if you forget your login information.
  6. Choose your first security question by clicking on the drop down menu box below First Question.
  7. Type the answer in the First Answer box.
  8. Choose your second security question by clicking on the drop down menu box below Second Question.
  9. Type the answer in the Second Answer box and click on the Submit button.
  10. Now you will see the Personal Question page.
  11. Write a security question in the Question box. Make sure you can remember this question and answer. You might want to write it down and keep it in a secure place!
  12. When you have written your Question and Answer click Submit.
  13. The system will prompt you to select a system password.
  14. This Password should be something you can remember, but others cannot easily guess.
  15. Enter your chosen Password and then enter it again in the Confirm Password box. Then click the Submit button.
  16. Now your BraveWeb account has been activated.
  17. Be sure to make note of your Username.
  18. Click on the Return to BraveWeb link.


  1. Go to BraveWeb and sign in.
  2. Click the BraveMail link.
  3. 3. Click on the temporary password link.
  4. The system will provide you with a temporary password that you will use to activate your BraveMail account. Write down or copy that password; you will need it only once for setting up your account.
  5. Click the back button on your browser.
  6. Click on the BraveMail link.
  7. Read the agreement and click the I Agree button.
  8. Enter your temporary password in the space provided (see above). This is the password given to you in the previous step 3. Then scroll down.
  9. In the Change your password area you will need to enter the password you created when setting up your BraveWeb account.
  10. Retype the same password in the Retype new password box. Then scroll down.
  11. Click on the Question drop-down menu and select a security question.
  12. Enter the answer to the security question in the Secret answer box.
  13. Enter an alternative email address in the two spaces provided. Then scroll down.
  14. Select your country/region.
  15. Select North Carolina in the State drop down menu.
  16. Enter your zip code in the ZIP code box. Enter the year of your birth in the Birth year box.
  17. Review the agreements and click the I accept button.
  18. The system will ask you to sign in using your new Password.
  19. Enter the needed information on the above screen. Language: English (United States), Current time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada). Click the OK button.
     The system will then allow you into your new UNC Pembroke Email account. Your new email address is



  1. Login to Braveweb with your username and password
  2. Click on Banner Self Service
  3. Click on Look-up Classes to Add
  4. Click Select Term
  5. Select the term you want to register for
  6. At the prompt for the Alternate PIN, enter your Alternate PIN. This is given to the student by their advisor. The Registrar’s Office does not issue Alternate PINs.
  8. Click the Class Search icon to see results (You may select multiple subjects by holding down the CTRL key)
  9. Click the View Sections box beside the class you are looking for.
  10. Click the Select box for the class you wish to register for.
  11. Click Register located at the bottom of the page (You may click on multiple boxes-this will allow you to register for the lecture/lab at the same time)
  12. After clicking Register you will be returned to the Add/Drop classes page, scroll down to see registration results. If you need to add another class(s) click on the Class Search icon at the bottom of the page and repeat steps 7-10 above.
  13. If you receive Registration Add Errors you can not register for that class(s). Here is a list of the most common Errors and what to do when encountering them:
    • Prereq and Test Score-Error: The student has not taken the prerequisite for the course and/or test. Contact the department and talk with the secretary about possibly getting an override from them. It is the discretion of the department to issue that override.
    • Repeat hours exceeds #: The student has taken this class before and must do the Course Repetition form so the Registrar’s Office can issue that override
    • Field of Study Restriction: This class is not in the student’s major and/or mode of taking classes (i.e. an on-campus student trying to register for an online class sometimes receive this error). The student must contact the department in order to receive an override for this class.
  14. If in the Select box is a C that means the class is closed and you will need to have the    Department chair give you an override.
  15. If in the Select box is a SR you will need to logout and contact us. The Registrar’s Office will have to look at your record and tell you if something is wrong, what to do, etc.

After registering, you may view your class schedule by clicking on Student and Financial Aid, Registration and then Student Detail Schedule
                -to view the schedule by day and time, click on Student Schedule by Day & Time instead of Student Detail Schedule (on the Student Schedule by Day & Time you must click on the Next Week link to see your entire schedule)