Under the Brush Arbor Series

Under The Brush Arbor Series 

Brush Arbor
Brush Arbor
Introducing our "Under the Brush Arbor Series" which highlights our Discovery Center hands on activities inside the museum. Engage with Mrs. Alisha Locklear Monroe, Museum  Educator and learn about Southeast American Indian art and how to:
  • Design an egg gourd
  • Create and design a gorget necklace 
  • Create a pinch pot 
  • Create a corn husk doll 
  • Design a pinecone patchwork 
  • Create a shell bracelet 

               Watch the videos below to start learning and designing your craft! 

In this episode, museum educator, Alisha will guide you on how to design your very own egg gourd shaker. 
Supplies needed:
  • Gourd 
  • Coloring utensils (markers, paint, etc.)
In this episode, learn about the importance and history of gourds among Southeastern American Indians with museum educator, Alisha. 
In this episode of the Under the Brush Arbor Series, museum educator, Alisha Locklear Monroe will demonstrate how to create a gorget necklace with model magic. She will also share some history and showcase several contemporary art pieces.
Suplies needed: 
  • Model Magic 
  • String 
  • Toothpick 
  • Texture Tools (ex: pottery tools, corn cob, acorn tops) 
  • Beads