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Exit Interview Policy

Human Resources Policy: HR 03 94 (Revised 08/01/99)

Purpose: To provide a process for non-returning employees to complete all University obligations prior to the release of the employee's final paycheck.

Scope: Applies to all University employees.


1.0   All non-returning employees must provide their immediate supervisor a written statement outlining their intention regarding termination or vacating a position.

2.0   The supervisor is responsible for notifying the Human Resources Director as soon as he/she is advised that an employee is leaving the employment of the University.  The supervisor is also  responsible for providing the employee with a Checklist for Non-Returning Employees.

3.0   EXIT interviews shall be scheduled with the Human Resources Director prior to the last day of employment by all SPA and EPA Non-teaching employees.  Exit interviews shall be scheduled with the appropriate department chairman when a faculty member is not continuing employment.

*3.1  Terminated employees shall be interviewed by the supervisor and/or Human Resources Director or designee, if desired, and shall exit the campus the day of termination.

*3.2  When an employee is terminated for grossly inefficient job performance or unacceptable personal conduct, security may be called to escort the employee from the premises.  Two University employees shall be present until the employee collects personal items and leaves the work area.  Human Resources will advise the terminated employee by mail of any benefits.

*3.3  The terminated employee shall not have access to use of University property or files after notification of termination.

*3.4  At the time of termination, the supervisor shall instruct University Computing to purge the employee's computer access password.

4.0  Prior to leaving the University, all non-returning employees (both EPA and SPA) shall schedule a time with the Human Resources Director or designee to complete the Checklist for Non-Returning Employees and to satisfy all University obligations.4.1  Items which must be accounted for include but are not limited to: 

  • Keys - Building, classroom, office, storeroom, desk, file cabinet, storage cabinet, equipment, etc., must be returned to the Key Control Manager, Facilities Operations
  • Requisitioned books or supplies
  • American Express card
  • Telephone credit card(s)
  • Office supplies or equipment
  • Library books
  • Instructional or laboratory equipment
  • Media equipment
  • Computer codes/software

4.2  Non-returning employees must discuss COBRA health care continuation rights with the Human Resources Director or designee.5.0  All categories on the Checklist for Non-Returning Employees must be checked off or noted as resolved.  Any employee refusing to return University property may be subject to legal action.

6.0  In the event of the death of an employee, the Human Resources Benefits Manager will contact the family of the employee about benefits.