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Establishment of Grant Positions

Human Resources Policy: HR 13 97

Purpose: To provide a process for establishing positions that are funded by grants.

Scope: These procedures will apply to all positions established through grants.

Procedures:  The Grants Office will coordinate with Human Resources during the pre-award and post-award phase of grants that include personnel costs. These activities include:

Pre-award Phase:

1.    Position classification and salary levels so appropriate title and salary can be entered in the grant budget.

2.    Provide program abstract, budget, and budget justification to alert that position description(s) is forthcoming should an award be granted. Human Resources staff will also use this information in their review of relevant position descriptions.

3.    Both offices will encourage grant seekers to attend \"position descriptions writing\" workshops conducted by Human Resources.

Post-award Phase:

1.    Send copy of grant award announcement to Human Resources alerting staff that the proposal has been funded and position descriptions are being developed.

2.    Encourage Project Directors to begin the paperwork process with Human Resources so that positions can be approved and filled quickly. Consultation will be provided by Human Resources.

3.    Advise Project Directors of option to outsource temporary positions through Human Resources until positions have been approved and filled. Program activities can commence immediately through this process.

4.    Refer Project Directors to Human Resources for appropriate information and materials for temporary positions.