Space Standards Policy

Facilities Planning & Construction Policy FP 07 02

I. Introduction – The purpose of this policy is to adopt at the campus level the 1998 UNC Space Planning Standards (Office of the President), and to implement these as a design guideline for future construction and renovation projects. These standards are intended to assist in predicting space needs given the space type or category.

The space categories identified by the Office of the President include:

a. Classroom Facilities – Facilities Inventory # 110 b. Class Laboratory Facilities – Facilities Inventory # 210 c. Open Laboratory Facilities – Facilities Inventory #220 d. Office Facilities – Facilities Inventory # 300

II. Design Guidelines

a. 110 Classroom Facilities – This space is defined as a room used for scheduled instruction that requires no special restrictive equipment or configuration other than generally accepted AV equipment and chalk or white boards. It includes general purpose classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, and any other room used for scheduled non laboratory instruction. The student station size is to be 18 square feet per station. b. 210 Class Laboratory Facilities – This space is defined as a room primarily for formally scheduled classes that require special purpose equipment or a specific room configuration for student participation, experimentation, observation, or practices. The student station size varies according to usage as described below:

Category Examples Sq Ft/Station
Highly Intensive Dramatic Arts 108
Intensive Bio & Physical Science 70
Moderately Intensive Communications, Computer Sci. 50
Non Intensive Business, Music, Math, Soc. Sci 33


c. 220 Open Laboratory Facilities – This space is defined as any room used primarily for individual or group instruction that is informally scheduled, unscheduled, or open. Included in this category are: music practice rooms, language laboratories, studios used for individual instruction, and computer laboratories. The student station sizes are equivalent to the 210 sizes listed above. d. 300 Office Facilities – This space is defined as a room used as individual, multi person, or workstation space that is used by faculty, staff, or students when working at one or more desks, tables, or workstations. It also includes service support rooms for those offices as well as conference rooms. This standard applies to 300 Office, 315 Office Service, 350 Conference Room, and 355 Conference Room Service. The standards are based upon Personnel categories:

Personnel Category Description Office Space Standard - SF Conference Office Services Standard (1) Total
Senior Administrative Chancellor, ViceChancellors, Deans, Department Heads, Directors 225 50 275
Instructional & Professional Faculty & Professional Staff 140 50 190
General Administrative Grant, Administrative, Secretarial 110 50(2) 160(3)
Student Employees Those requiring office space 25 0 25

(1) – Square footage allowance per position for 315 Office Services, 350 Conference Rooms, and 355 Conference Room Services spaces (2) – Square footage for office services areas for secretarial positions. (3) - Total square footage