Safety and Health Manual: Introduction

Police and Public Safety Policy  PS 09 00a

A. Purpose. This publication describes the Safety and Health Program for The University of North Carolina at Pembroke as prescribed by the North Carolina Office of State Personnel. It is published for the information, guidance, and compliance of all employees. It outlines policies, procedures, and general information with the intent to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to guard against injury, loss of life, or damage to property.
B. Scope. This program applies to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, all University employees and activities.
C. Policy.

1. It is the policy of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke's governing body to maintain and vigorously enforce a Safety and Health Management Program, which has as its objective, the conservation of human and material resources. Additionally, the University will comply with all federal, state, and local safety and health laws and regulations.

2. This program shall provide managers, supervisors, and employees with a clear and firm understanding of the state's concern for protecting employees from job-related injuries and health impairment; preventing accidents and fires; planning for emergencies and emergency medical procedures; identifying and controlling physical, chemical, and biological hazards in the workplace; communicating potential hazards to employees; and assuring adequate housekeeping.

3. The Safety and Health Program will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

D. Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities.

1. The safety of individuals and the protection of property are the primary responsibilities of the governing body.

2. The Safety Manager is delegated as the campus Safety Officer. He/she is responsible in that capacity for the development, implementation, and direction of the Safety and Health Program.
3. The Safety Officer is authorized to intervene whenever conditions exist that pose an immediate threat to life or health, or pose a threat of damage to equipment or buildings. When conditions permit, corrective actions will be initiated through the Safety Officer.
4. Each Vice Chancellor, Director, and Supervisor is responsible for promoting favorable attitudes toward the safety of employees and for enforcing applicable safety and fire prevention rules and regulations.
5. Supervisors are responsible for providing safe working conditions for each subordinate, awareness of safety and health guidelines, reporting and investigating accidents, and advising management of any unsafe work environment or condition. Supervisors will perform inspections, train employees in safe work habits, fire prevention, prepare reports, and investigate accidents.
6. Employees are responsible for working in a safe manner to protect themselves, fellow employees, the public, and state property; for making recommendations to improve safety and health in the workplace; and for immediately notifying the supervisor of any accident involving injury, illness, or near-miss. Employees are responsible for following the safety instructions in the performance of their duties and attending training. Employees can make complaints concerning safety and health problems without fear of retaliation.

E. Action.

1. This manual encompasses the overall Safety and Health Program for The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. In order to adequately cover each sector of this program, this manual has been subdivided into several chapters.
2. A copy of this manual will be available in a prominent place in each department and other areas as may be deemed essential by the Vice Chancellors, Directors, or Supervisors, for the welfare of all employees, students, visitors, and the benefit and advantage of state government.
3. The Safety Officer has the authority to take corrective action in the event of a hazardous condition. In situations that pose an immediate threat to life, health, and/or property, action must be taken immediately. Such actions will be reported to the Safety Committee Chairperson as soon as possible and to the membership at the next meeting after such actions, if deemed necessary by the Chairperson.

F. References. State Employee's Workplace Requirements Program for Safety & Health.
G. Rescissions. None.
H. Distribution. All Employees with 50 copies to Safety Officer.