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Safety and Health Manual: Chapter I

Safety and Health Committee

Police and Public Safety Policy  PS 09 00b

A. Purpose. To establish a multi-disciplinary campus-wide Safety and Health Committee.
B. Scope. This applies to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, all University employees and activities.
C. Policy. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is committed to providing a safe environment for state employees, students and visitors and to the management of employee activities to reduce the risk of human injury in all operational areas, including building and grounds, equipment management, and utilities management. A Safety and Health Committee will be established to oversee the development and implementation of appropriate programs required to ensure this safe environment exists. The Chancellor and/or designee shall appoint the committee members. In turn, the Committee will elect the Chairperson. A recorder shall be provided to the Chairperson to carry out his or her duties, in conjunction with the Committee and the Safety Officer.
D. Delegation of Authority and Responsibility.
The Safety and Health Committee is delegated the authority and responsibility for the following:
- Review all safety and health policies and procedures established by the University annually.
- Review incidents involving work-related fatalities, injuries, illness, or near misses.
- Review employee complaints regarding safety and health hazards.
- Analyze the agency's work injury and illness statistical records.
- Conduct inspections, under the supervision of the Safety Manager, of worksites at least annually and in response to complaints regarding safety or health hazards.
- Review agency's/department's training records to ensure compliance with regulatory training requirements.
- Designate Employee Safety and Health Representative(s) - Safety Officer - to accompany representatives from regulatory agencies (i.e. NCOSHA, NC Department of Insurance, and NC Division of Environmental Management) during safety and heath inspections of the workplace.
- Perform other functions determined by the Office of State Personnel to be necessary for the effective implementation of the State Employees Workplace Requirements Program for Safety and Health.
E. Procedures.

1. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE. The Safety and Health Committee shall have non-supervisory employees and management representatives. The number of management representatives shall not exceed the number of non-supervisory representatives. The terms of each representative shall be staggered to maintain the continuity of the committee. The non-supervisory employee representatives will be referred to as the Employee Safety and Health Representatives. The Safety Officer shall not serve as Committee Chairman, but shall serve as ex-officio member with voting rights.
2. COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP. The membership of the Safety and Health Committee is as follows:
Chairperson Recorder Ex-officio: Safety Officer Members
Departments shall permit members of the committee to take time from their normal duties reasonably necessary to exercise the rights of the committee without suffering any loss of pay or benefits for time spent on duties of the Committee.
3. MEETINGS. The Committee will conduct meetings at least once every three months, in a meeting room designated by the Chairperson.
4. MINUTES. Written minutes of the meetings shall be maintained and copies sent to each committee member. Copies of minutes shall be posted in the appropriate workplace. Upon approval and distribution, Department Heads will share appropriate information from the minutes with their staff.

F. References. State Employee's Workplace Requirements Program for Safety & Health.
G. Rescissions. None.