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Animals on Campus

Environmental Health & Safety Policy PS 81 00


This policy is intended to minimize the occurrence of attack, offensive odors, excrement, fleas, biological agents, etc., on the campus and in campus buildings where these may result in health hazards to personnel or be detrimental to instructional or research objectives.

This policy is primarily intented to apply to dogs, but is also applicable to other animals that are likely to create similar health hazards and/or nuisances.
Animals must have current evidence (tags or documentation) of rabies vaccination.
Animals are not permitted in any campus buildings except in the following cases: 1. Animals providing assistance to handicapped persons; 2. Special circumstances or events subject to approval from the Safety and Health Office.
The laws and ordinances of Robeson County and the State of North Carolina shall apply to the control of animals on the University campus. Animals brought onto the campus must be restrained as provided for in the County's Code of Ordinances, i.e., on a leash, inside a vehicle, or within a secure enclosure.
Upon becoming aware that a faculty, staff, or student has violated this policy, the Police and Public Safety Department will alert the appropriate supervisor and/or Vice Chancellor of the violation and request that action be taken to resolve the issue. Other action may follow as described in the State Personnel Act, for University employees, and the Student Handbook, for students.
If the violation is not resolved in a timely manner, the Police and Public Safety Department has the authority to remove the animal from campus. In addition to the removal of the animal, campus and criminal charges may apply.
Animals on the University campus in violation of the policy are subject to being picked up and turned over to the Animal Control Officer of Robeson County for impoundment, at the owner's expense. Violations should be reported to the University Police and Public Safety Office (521-6795) which will coordinate enforcement efforts with the County's Animal Control Officer.