Accessing Services

How Do I Get A Project Started? (see forms and online submission requirements below to "start the clock.")

In order to begin a project, it must have scope definition. Scope definition involves a complete description of the work to be done, and the budget required to complete the project (construction costs, design fees, and any special costs such as equipment). Facilities Planning and Construction provides pre-project services to help you in definition of scope and in preliminary budget estimation. Please note that any budgetary figures provided at this point are not firm bids or costs, but only estimates to be used in seeking project funding.

The next step in the process is to answer the question: “Do you have funding for your project?" Some projects are funded from grants or departmental funds. These projects don't have to wait to get funded and you can proceed immediately if sufficient funds are available.

If you don't have funding, there is a way to seek it. Each year (at varying times) the Vice Chancellors are asked to provide a list of their proposed renovation and construction projects. You should provide your prioritized list based upon documented need and backed up with scope and budget statements to your Vice Chancellor at the appropriate time (solicitation for this information will be announced with ample time to complete this process) so that it can be integrated into the list. If you don't have an estimate and scope statement for your project, contact us for assistance, as discussed above.

Once the project gets funded, then the design and construction process begins!

What Is The Process?

Your project will be managed by Facilities Planning and Construction, who will provide a designer for the project and assist you in communicating your needs to the designer. Designs typically will have several phases and you will have an opportunity to review the design at each phase. Once the final design and construction schedule has been agreed upon, the project will be placed out for bidding to outside contractors. Once bids have been received and the project is within budget, construction can begin! Construction is monitored by FPC staff, State inspectors, and the designer.

How Long Does It Take?

There are numerous steps that your project has to go through in order to satisfy the State of NC laws governing construction. They are summarized below:

Designer Selection - Time depends on size of the project, but this phase can take up to three months.

Design and Review - Your project must be reviewed at each stage to ensure that it complies with the Building Code, UNCP Construction Guidelines, and NC Department of Insurance Guidelines. While on campus reviews usually occur within a couple of weeks from receiving drawings, these "Agency" reviews can take as long as three months per design phase, depending on workload.

Advertising, Bidding, Award and Notice to Proceed - Projects have to be advertised which typically takes three - four weeks. Once bids have been opened, it takes approximately one month to review, award and process the contract.

Construction - Construction time depends on the complexity of the project. We will discuss expected construction duration with you during the design phase.

Do I Need To Fill Out Forms?

Yes, to get the project process started, submit a "capital" project online work order request through the Facilities Work Order System (School Dude) and attach the appropriate completed, properly signed and scanned form below to the online work order submission.

Get Major Renovations Done?

Major renovations (unless funded from departmental funds) must be requested through the yearly Capital Project Request process. See your Vice Chancellor for further information, or read Capital Improvement Projects policy. Special Projects must also receive approval.

*All completed forms should be attached to your online Facilities Capital Work Order Request.