Sustainability at UNCP


Our single-stream recycling effort has been extremely successful. Since July of 2009, UNCP has recycled over 38 tons of waste; waste that would have ended up in our landfill! Thank you for your participation!!

But we can do better. Continue to look for ways to reuse before discarding. Together, we can all make a significant difference.

We continue to have problems with unacceptable items being placed in the recycling containers.  Please be reminded regarding “acceptable” and “unacceptable” material for the campus recycling bins.  It is important to keep the two separate to continue our successful recycling program.  Thank you.


PLASTIC BOTTLES & JUGS (Numbers 1 through 7 including black plastic)

PAPER & CARDBOARD (Newspaper, Magazines, Pamphlets, Brochures, Office Paper, Stationary, Post-it notes, Envelopes, Advertisements, Fax & Computer paper)

ALUMINUM & TIN CANS (Drink cans, Metal cans (food cans rinsed out) Aluminum foil

GLASS BOTTLES (Clear Glass, Brown Glass, Green Glass)     


Tissues, Paper towels, Toilet paper, Paper napkins

NO FOOD WASTE, FOOD WRAPPINGS (i.e. Pizza Boxes, Hot Dogs & Hamburger wrappers)

Styrofoam in any form such as packing, peanuts, meat trays, etc.

Wax coated paper or cardboard

Saran wrap and cellophane

Plastic coated report covers

Paint cans

Ink cartridges


Photographic paper or film

Rubber items 


For more information on campus sustainability, please click here.