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Campus Design and Construction Guidelines (THIS PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

This page contains links to the Campus Design and Construction Guidelines. These Guidelines have been prepared for the use of designers preparing bid documents.

Designers are expected to download and use all applicable Guidelines with their respective projects. Note: all four categories of guidelines below apply to UNC Pembroke campus projects and the authority having jurisdiction for design review, life safety, electrical and fire alarm inspections for campus projects is the North Carolina State Construction Office (Raleigh, NC) and the UNC System (Chapel Hill, NC), in addition to the design team and owner. The North Carolina DOL inspects elevators and boilers. All (Formal & Informal) project plans are reviewed electronically for code compliance, etc. and change orders (Formal projects only) are processed online in Interscope+

State of North Carolina, UNC System and UNC Pembroke Guidelines:

1. State Construction Manual

2. State Construction Standards- Forms and Documents - for access to guidelines and templates for state of NC/UNC system projects: general conditions contracts, guidelines for: energy and sustainability, asbestos abatement, electrical & solid state lighting, fire alarm, masonry mortar, site preparation & grading, commissioning & performance verification, energy performance modeling & reporting, water conservation, LCCA, roofing, special inspections, water-based (fire sprinkler) fire protection and telecom.

3. UNC System Standards- Forms and Documents - for access to guidelines and templates for state of NC/UNC system projects: high performance buildings best practices, HUB/MBE forms, insurance certificate provisions, informal project manual change order form.

4. UNC Pembroke Standards, below:

    A. Digging & Trenching Request

    B. Hot Work Permit

    C. Key Request Form

    D. Utility Service Interruption Request

Division Title Date
00- Planning & Design Classroom Design 03-17-2020 (Draft)
00- Planning & Design Closeout & Record Documents 08-17-2020 (Draft)
00- Planning & Design Preferred Manufacturer List pending
00- Planning & Design Space Inventory Standards 10-00-2015
01- General Requirements Supplemental Conditions pending
02- Existing Conditions Reuse, Recycling & Hazardous Waste pending
03- Concrete    
04- Masonry    
05- Metals    
06- Wood, Plastics, Composites    
07- Thermal & Moisture Protection    
08- Openings (Door Hardware)    
09- Finishes    
10- Specialties     
11- Equipment    
12- Furnishings    
13- Special Construction    
14- Conveying Equipment    
21- Fire Suppression    
22- Plumbing    
23- HVAC    
25- Integrated Automation    
26- Electrical    
27- Communications Telecommunications Cabling Specifications 2017-2018 (Draft)
28- Electronic Safety & Security    
31- Earthwork    
32- Exterior Improvements    
33- Utilities