UNCP Special Projects Policy

Purpose: To define current procedures and policies regarding the initiation of a Special Project Request.

Scope: Applies to all University departments.


1. Definition of a Special Project. Special Projects are the construction of new facilities and/or physical alterations of existing facilities, or land. these projects will normally cost over $500 but may not exceed $100,000. Maintenance/repairs of existing facilities or equipment necessary to permit their continued use of their intended purpose is not considered to be a Special Project and would be processed as a work request. The Facilities Operations Department will provide assistance in making this determination.

2. Business Affairs Coordination. All projects falling within the definition of a Special Project must be requested and approved as outlined in this procedure. Special Projects cannot be initiated without coordination through the VCBA office.


    1. Request of a Special Project. A Departmental Special Project Request Form should be prepared by the requesting Dean or Department Head and forwarded to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for review/approval. (See preparation instructions.)

    2. Submission of Special Projects. Departmental Special Project Request Forms are usually requested each spring from the Deans, Department Heads, and Directors and submitted to their appropriate Vice Chancellor at that time. The Vice Chancellor will review, approve, and prioritize the requests (generated in their area) and forward them to the VCBA to coordinate final prioritization of all requested projects.

    Departmental Special Project Request Forms may also be prepared at other times during the year for review on a case-by-case basis when required by unforseen circumstances. These forms follow the same submittal process outlined above.

    3. Initiation of Special Projects Targeted for Completion. A Special Project Initiation Form will be completed by the VCBA office for all Special Projects targeted for completion. The department acting on the request (usually the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction) will plan and execute the project and advise the requester of the proposed schedule.