BraveWeb Account Information & Activation

A UNCP Network Account provides access to technology resources such as BraveMail, BraveWeb, BraveWifi, Canvas, G Suite for Education, Webex, Zoom, and lab computers. It is often referred to as a BraveWeb account since so many resources are available from within BraveWeb.

Logging into BraveWeb gives access to Banner Self Service (registration, student records and financial aid), Student Insurance Waiver, Meal Plans and Online Account Center (charges, payments and refunds) among others. Click to learn more about BraveWeb resources.

Account Activation Steps

  1. To begin, go to
  2. Enter the requested information (Last Name, Home Zip Code and Secret Code) and click Begin.  Your secret code was provided in your acceptance letter from the Admissions Office.
  3. Read the Conditions of This Agreement, click I Agree and then Submit.
  4. Next, complete the security questions and click Submit.
  5. On the Create Password page, read the password requirements, enter your password twice and click Submit.
  6. If the password is accepted, you will see the Activation Completed page with your username displayed.  Record your username and remember your password.
  7. You will need this username and password to login to BraveWeb and to access other UNCP technology resources.
  8. To log in to BraveWeb, click the "return to BraveWeb" link or go to

Check Financial Aid or register for classes while logged into BraveWeb by clicking the Banner Self Service link near the top of the list and selecting Student and Financial Aid. Click here for instructions on how to access your financial aid information.

BraveMail (email account)

After activating BraveWeb, access your BraveMail account.  Go to the BraveMail Access  page for more information.


For technology support, contact the DoIT Help Desk.