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Troubleshooting Common Jabber & Webex Issues

Cisco Jabber

The following are issues some faculty/staff may experience.

Issue: A faculty or staff member has not been able to log into Jabber on their mobile phone.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • When logging into Jabber, use your and your network password.
Issue: Phone calls cannot be made by faculty/staff using the Jabber desktop app.

Get instructions for calling with Cisco Jabber. The file at the bottom of that page includes screenshots.


Issue: After making or answering a call using the Jabber desktop app on a Windows computer, the person cannot hear the other party.

Go to Settings, select Privacy, and then select Speech. Toggle the button to "On" for Online speech recognition.


Report a problem
Report a Problem

Use the Jabber Reporting tool to submit a support ticket for Jabber installed on a computer.  Click on the gear in the upper right and click “Report a problem.” Enter the information and save the file. Attach the zipped file and email it to


Note: Jabber can be used from any Internet connected device. VPN is not required.



Issue: A student cannot join a Webex meeting.

The student's Webex account has not been activated. The student must log in to activate it.

  • Using any browser, open a new window or tab and go to
  • Click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page and enter your UNCP email address. After you are directed to a UNCP login page, log in with your UNCP username and password.
  • If you are not directed to the UNCP login page or cannot log into the UNCP page, contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.


Issue: Students are being asked to supply a password when they use the Webex meeting invite link sent by the Canvas Reminder Bot.

Students who join the Live Meeting in the Canvas course (via the Cisco Webex link in the Canvas menu, then the Virtual Meetings tab) will not be prompted for a password.

Also, faculty can use this guide to set a default password and share it with the students.


Issue: A student is being directed to a blank page when they use the Webex meeting invite link sent by the Canvas Reminder Bot.

Students should log directly into Canvas and join the Live Meeting in the Canvas course by clicking "Cisco Webex" in the menu, then going to the "Virtual Meetings" tab. They can then click "Join".


Issue: Students cannot view a Webex video. It brings up a blank white screen.

As a workaround, faculty can upload the video and captions files to YouTube or Microsoft Stream.  Click here for an instructional video.