Important Updates about COVID-19

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Basic Classroom

Getting Started:

  • Tap the touch panel to wake the screen
  • Tap the screen icon (second tab at the bottom of the touch screen)
  • Tap the HDMI (left) icon to use the computer in the classroom

Powering Down:

  • Tap the glowing power button in the top-right of the touch panel
  • A 30 second count down will begin
    • Note: To cancel the shutdown, click “Continue Use”

Wireless Presentation:

  • Tap the screen icon
  • Tap the AirMedia (right) icon to use wireless projection.
  • On your computer, enter the ip address provided to you
  • Click the link to download the appropriate client (Mac or Windows)
  • Once downloaded, launch the application and enter the code shown on-screen
Oxendine 1111 Control Panel