General Education Course Proposal

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Course Information

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A. Rationale for General Education Proposal

1. Indicate which goal area(s) of the program this proposal addresses

2.      For the items below, attach pages as needed:

A. Describe how this course supports the overall mission of the General Education Program.

B. Explain how the addition of this course will improve the General Education curriculum.

C. Identify the General Education Objectives that will be addressed by this course.

D. Describe the ways General Education Goals and Objectives will be assessed in this course. 

E. Describe the anticipated effects that inclusion of this course in the General Education Program will have on department, college, and university personnel and non-personnel resources. 

  1. Attach proposed General Education Course Syllabus.

The syllabus must include:

  1. a list of the General Education Goals and Objectives addressed in the course, and 
  2. a plan for assessing the General Education Goals and Objectives.

See sample template for the first page of the syllabus below.

General Education Course Template

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

School of _________

Department of __________

Course Number and Title

Course Description:

General Education Goals and Objectives met in this course:

Methods for Assessing General Education Goals and Objectives:

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