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Tabitha Hamilton

Tabitha Hamilton

Tabitha Hamilton

Biology with a Biomedical Emphasis

Carthage, NC


Tabitha Hamilton, from Carthage, North Carolina, graduated in the spring of 2019 with a degree in biology with a biomedical emphasis. Before coming to UNCP she completed two years of college during high school, and after graduation attended Sandhills Community College to study numerical technology for a year. While attending UNCP she worked as a Certified Surgical Technician at the Eye Surgery Center of the Carolinas in Pinehurst, North Carolina. During her time there she had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple eye surgeons who mentored her during her work hours. For Tabitha, having such a close-knit group of friends and professors who, “teach hands on and really want to help you succeed and reach your long-term goals,” is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an honors student.

For Tabitha’s senior project she used her experience working as a Certified Surgical Technician the Eye Surgery Center of the Carolinas in Pinehurst. Working alongside Dr. Len Holms, Tabitha researched what effects diabetes has chemically and structurally on the eyes. She constructed her project as a thesis paper that included research and information about treatment and preventative medicine. Tabitha’s main goal was to educate people about diabetes and the negative and damaging effects that diabetes can have on the eyes if it is unmanaged.

After graduation, Tabitha returned home and worked to gain clinical hours. After working for a year, she attended school to become a Physician Assistant (PA). She advised honors students to, “Listen to the honors faculty who tell you that you are not limited and to dig deeper. It will truly help you to expand your knowledge of a given topic.” Tabitha also mentioned for students to take the time to enjoy honors classes and the way they are set up because, “I really enjoyed hearing my peers’ opinions and having that class discussion helped me to learn more.” Her greatest memory at UNCP was making it through her organic chemistry II class. Tabitha said, “It was a difficult class, but I had a really tight group of friends and we all studied together all day every day and making a good grade in the end was the best thing ever.”


Senior Project
Mentor: Len Holmes
Biochemical Effects of Diabetes on the Eyes and Treatment Options