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Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown


Statesville, North Carolina


Stephanie Brown, from Statesville, North Carolina, graduated in May of 2016 with a degree in mathematics. She said her proud accomplishment was her involvement on campus: Honors College Council member, Kappa Delta chapter member and chapter officer, math tutor, and leader in the Literacy Commons. The extra help given by professors that comes along with being an honors student was very rewarding for Stephanie. She also enjoyed the student bonding that she experienced on trips through the honors college.

Stephanie did her senior project on how students perceive mathematics, based on the environment of the classroom. She found that most students tend to have a negative mindset about mathematics, which is instilled at an early age. Stephanie went to Pembroke Housing Authority and worked with middle-grade children to see if she could alter this negativity. She held mathematics activities for the children in an attempt take a more lighthearted approach. Stephanie made the math classroom a calming and fun environment, hoping to change the children’s outlook on mathematics.

After graduation Stephanie started her career in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Officer Program. Once she completes her six-year enlistment she hopes to go onto naval postgraduate school during her shore duty to further her education in mathematics. Stephanie advises honors students to not procrastinate when it comes to schoolwork and to not be scared to seek help from advisers and professors from all departments. She also suggests trying to get involved on campus because it will enrich a student’s college experience. Stephanie’s greatest memory at UNC Pembroke was receiving her bid into Kappa Delta Sorority in the spring of 2014.

Senior Project
Thesis: Encouraging Arithmetic: A Classroom Experiment
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Bourquin