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Ricky Lovick, Jr.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Ricky Lovick Jr.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Raleigh, NC


Ricky Lovick, Jr graduated In December with a double major in Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) with a Cyber Security Track. During his time at UNCP, Ricky was awarded numerous scholarships for his outstanding academic performance. He also received silver medals to wear along with his cap and gown to signify his 3.5 GPA at graduation. 

He completed a short internship, between two and three months, with the Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation (EMC). Ricky also conducted research in penetration testing on web-based applications during a summer REU at East Carolina University in Greensboro, NC. 

Being able to tell others that he graduated a member of the Maynor Honors College has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his membership, according to Ricky. The benefits and classes offered to him through his membership in the honors college surprised Ricky during his time at UNCP. He appreciated being given opportunities to represent the Honors College at certain events as well. He enjoyed being a part of the small community on campus and having the opportunity to watch it grow throughout his collegiate career. 

Inspired by the women who have surrounded him in his daily endeavors, Ricky chose to complete his senior project on the number of women in career fields related to technology. Ricky stated that the women he has encountered in the CS and IT fields, although few and far between, have been some of the smartest and most influential in the fields. His research fulfilled his personal curiosities as to why there is a lack of women in the field, as well as how to change that in the future. 

Ricky advises future students in the Honors College to get input from multiple professionals on campus when scheduling classes; two opinions are always better than one. He also highly encourages students to get involved within the honors community and take advantage of the opportunities offered to them through their membership.