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Nami Montgomery

Nami Montgomery

Nami Montgomery

ESL Specialist

Global Engagement House, A07



A native of the strikingly beautiful Pacific Northwest region, the proud daughter of an immigrant and a curious citizen of the world, Nami Montgomery brings over 7 years of English teaching and extensive international travel experience to her classroom.  During her undergraduate work at the University of Washington - Seattle (2004-2006), Nami majored in history, which brought the world and the stories of its various peoples to life.  After graduation, she was preparing for a career in law when a teaching opportunity at a private English academy in South Korea offered her a serendipitous detour.  What started as a one-year teaching commitment evolved into a 3-year long professional and personal journey that set the foundation for Nami's love of teaching, language and intercultural communication.  In Korea (2007-2010), Nami taught students that ranged from 5 to 75 in a wide variety of language skills and subjects.  After returning to the U.S.,  Nami decided to pursue a Master's in English Education at UNC - Pembroke (2012-2014), which armed her with a strong pedagogical and research-based approach to literature and second language acquisition.  Shortly after earning her Master's degree, Nami was hired as the ESL Specialist at UNCP's English Language Institute (2014-present), where she brings her knowledge and passion to every class and inspires her students to succeed.  In her free time, Nami enjoys cooking ethnic dishes, running, reading, online shopping and catching up on her beauty sleep.