Mena Issa

Mena Issa

Mena Issa

Biology and Chemistry with a Pre-Med Emphasis

Raleigh, North Carolina


Mena is originally from Egypt but currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. He graduated in May of 2017 double majoring in biology and chemistry on the pre-medical track. Mena was proud of his academic and extra curricular achievements such as receiving the silver GPA award from the Center for Student Success and being one of the first Lead Fellows and Residence Hall Association members on campus. Mena also enjoyed attending the Alpha Chi convention in the spring semester of 2017 to present his environmental literature research. For Mena, the most rewarding aspect of being in the honors college was having multiple academic and extra curricular opportunities, such as being nominated to serve on the Student Conduct Hearing Board and CAIT committee. He said, “having the prestigious title of being an honors student beside your name helps to create even more opportunities.”

Mena’s senior project was focused on finding ways to produce lab equipment in a way to make it more affordable for high school teachers to purchase. Physics lab equipment can be very expensive, so he worked along side of Dr. William Brandon to recreate lab equipment using different parts, some being recycled parts.

After graduation Mena attended Trinity School of Medicine in Saint Vincent to obtain his MD and become a surgeon. His greatest memory at UNC Pembroke was meeting Dr. Jimmie Williamson, President of the NC Community College system, through being a Chancellor’s Ambassador. Mena advises honors students to enjoy the time they have here and really experience college life but to also stay focused on school and prepare for the future.

Senior Project
Thesis: Providing Inexpensive Equipment to High School Physics Labs Using Recycled Components
Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Brandon