Lena Cavusoglu, Ph.D.

Dr. Lena Cavusoglu

Lena Cavusoglu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Business Administration Building, 149




Dr. Lena Cavusoglu received her Ph.D. degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing and specialization in consumer behavior from Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, in June 2019. She holds two master's degrees, one from Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy on Strategic Design: Design of the Value Offering (2011), and an MBA degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA (2013). She received a BA degree in Public Relations and Advertising at the Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey.

She has over five years of industry experience as a communication designer with a 360-degree holistic approach whose job is crafting decision-making by outlining the architecture of the marketing problem, redefining how issues are approached, identifying opportunities for action, and helping deliver complete and resilient solutions. 

Dr. Cavusoglu's research interest concentrates on consumer behavior, especially fashion and diversity studies, social media, and qualitative research. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, including the European Journal of Marketing, Markets, Globalization and Development Review, and Advances in Consumer Research, among others. She also served as a visiting professor at several international institutions, including the USA, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. 

Selected work

Cavusoglu, L. and Atik, D. (2019)., "Diversity delusion in the fashion industry" [Extended Abstract], in Advances of Consumer Research, Vol. 47, Atlanta, GA: Association for Consumer Research (ACR), p. 489-490.

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Cavusoglu, L., and Demirbag-Kaplan. M. (2018), "Social Tagging Associative Networks: #Hashtag Clustering and Networking on Instagram," [Extended Abstract], In: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Macromarketing 2018 Conference competitive paper track, Leipzig, Germany, July 10-13, p. 1290-1294.

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