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Jacob Kincer

Jacob Kincer

Jacob Kincer


Burlington, NC


Jacob Kincer is from Burlington, North Carolina and graduated in May of 2019 with a degree in history. He was proud to have been awarded the 2018-2019 Outstanding History Student of the Year Award. For Jacob, being a member of the honors college was rewarding because he was able to interact with students in different disciplines during his studies. He said, “I enjoyed being able to not only learn about other departments through my peers but to learn about my peers. It really gave me different ways to learn.”

For his senior project, Jacob wrote a thesis paper about the comprehensive study of the existing historiography on the use of atomic bombs against Japan in August of 1945. His senior project mentor, Dr. Bruce DeHart, encouraged Jacob to research this topic, which Jacob was thankful for as he really enjoyed it. The thesis included the controversial topic of the use of the bomb and both the traditional and revisionist interpretations of arguments that have been published on the subject. In the conclusion of the project, Jacob included his own position of the debate based on his examination of the published resources.

After graduation, Jacob started law school at UNC Chapel Hill. He encourages students “to be active in your studies but also active on campus and in the community.” He explained that it is worth it to get involved early and to stay involved all four years. Jacob’s favorite memory at UNCP was being awarded Outstanding History Student of the Year because Dr. Anthony Johnson presented the award to him. He said, “I really look up to Dr. Johnson so receiving the award meant even more to me.” Jacob took several of Dr. Johnson’s history courses and built a strong relationship with him.

Senior Project
Mentor: Bruce DeHart
Rain of Ruin: Historiographical Approaches to the Atomic Debate