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Haley Bean

Haley Bean

Haley Bean

Social Work and Sociology

Seagrove, North Carolina


Haley is from Seagrove, North Carolina, and graduated in May of 2016 with a degree in social work and a minor in sociology. Being involved in the UNCP Social Work Honors Society, Phi Alpha Iota Iota; being a tutor in the University Writing Center; and her internship at the Robeson County Veterans Service Office were all very rewarding experiences for Haley. Working in the University Writing Center helped her to improve her social work skills and made her last three years at UNCP very enjoyable. Taking honors classes was very rewarding to her because she got to mix with individuals of different majors and backgrounds, which really enriched her educational experience at Pembroke. Haley met her roommate and best friend through the Honors College when they were freshman: “We have lived together for four years, and are absolute best friends, and that is what I am most grateful for from the honors college.” Haley was very thankful for all of the resources that were given to her through the Maynor Honors College.

Haley’s senior project focused on rape culture. She surveyed UNCP students on how they viewed victims of rape, to see if they tended to blame the attack on the victim. Haley’s survey presented eight different scenarios where the participants were to assume that the individuals described were raped, and then the participants reported on a scale from 1-4 how much they felt that the victim contributed to the attack. Haley later concluded that when given a score, participants did not have a high likelihood to blame the victim; however, when looking at individual cases she concluded that people did tend use stereotypes and stigmas to assign more blame to certain victims.

After graduation Haley attended North Carolina State University to obtain her Master’s in Social Work. Her best memory as a UNCP student was when she attended a conference with the University Writing Center at Eastern Carolina University.

Senior Project
Thesis: Rape Culture and Victim Blaming on the UNCP Campus
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Summer Stanley