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Ethan Sanford

Ethan Sanford

Ethan Sanford

Biology with a minor in English

Hamlet, North Carolina


Ethan Sanford, native of North Carolina, graduated in May 2016 with a degree in biology and a minor in English. During the fall semester of 2014 Ethan spent three-and-a-half months studying abroad at Bangor University in Gwynedd, Wales. During his time at UNCP Ethan also participated in two faculty-led trips to Bermuda and Costa Rica. The mentoring he received from the faculty and staff was one of the most rewarding aspects that Ethan gained from being in the honors college: “The personalized treatment and recognition from faculty was by far the most rewarding part of my experience with the Honors College.”

For Ethan’s senior project he wanted to get creative, so he worked with Dr. Scott Hicks to transform the journal that he kept as a bilateral exchange student at Bangor University into a work of creative nonfiction. With the goal of eventually publishing this work, he hopes that There and Back Again: The Importance of a Study Abroad Experience "will be both humorous and informative to students intending to study abroad, and that seasoned travelers might find my experiences relatable.”

After graduation Ethan moved to Ithaca, New York to attend Cornell University where he pursed a Ph.D. in the field of biochemistry, molecular and cell biology (BMCB). Ethan advises honors students that above all else, it is important to seek out learning opportunities and to always cultivate a desire to better understand the world in which we live. Maintaining a positive demeanor and committing oneself to the pursuit of future goals is also critical.

Senior Project
Title: “There and Back Again:" The Importance of a Study Abroad Experience
Mentor: Dr. Scott Hicks