Dr. Tiffany M. Locklear

Dr. Tiffany Locklear

Dr. Tiffany M. Locklear

Assistant Professor

School of Education, 346



Dr. Tiffany Locklear is a member of the Lumbee Nation and resident of the Prospect Community. She is an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Program of the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She is a product of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke School of Education receiving both her graduate and undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education from the Institution. As an educator and former administrator, she is committed to supporting and inspiring students teaching in the graduate and undergraduate programs and supervising elementary education interns.  She serves as a mentor for the First Americans’ Educational Leadership Grant Program in which she supports aspiring American Indian administrators in an effort to increase the number of highly effective American Indian administrators and improve educational outcomes for American Indian students in North Carolina. Dr. Locklear also serves on the State Advisory Council for Indian Education and the leadership team of Unlocking Silent Histories for the Lumbee Community. Dr. Locklear is a Gate’s Millennium Scholar. Research interests include new ways of teaching and learning, decolonizing methods of culture and learning, and culturally responsive pedagogy.