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Briana Roberts

Briana Roberts

Briana Roberts

Chemistry & Mathematics

Saint Pauls, North Carolina


Briana is from Saint Pauls, North Carolina, and graduated in May of 2016 with a degree in chemistry and a minor in mathematics. The opportunities that the Honors College gave Briana to work and learn with other highly motivated peers was very rewarding for her.

Briana’s senior project was focused on chemistry. She really enjoyed her senior project because she learned how to set-up and work with an optical bench. She built a crossed-beam spectropolarimeter and used it to measure the optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) of sucrose at various wavelengths.

Briana advises honors students to pick quality friends, because if a “friend” is not constantly giving challenging or encouraging advice then he/she is not a true friend. Embrace humility, and be okay with humbling experiences. Embrace all experiences during college because they can build character. While Briana was at UNCP her most memorable moment was participating in the 2014 Relay for Life. She loved how people came together over a similar experience and made magical things happen.