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Tips For Any Exam, Test or Quiz

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 When taking any assignment that is timed or has a limited number of attempts in Blackboard, such as an exam, quiz or test there are a number of steps you can take to have the smoothest possible experience.


Plug in Your Laptop

Low BatteryIf you are taking a test from a laptop, please go ahead and plug in to an AC outlet before taking a test, even if you believe your battery has a good charge. Latpop batteries can charge and drain inconsistantly as they age and the last thing anyone wants is it have one's battery run out mid test.


Use A Known Good Wired Broadband Connection

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You will want to make sure you are using a stable broadband connection that you have used before. You don't want to be wrestling with network settings or flaky connections right before (or worse, durring) a test.

Whenever possible avoid wireless networks, some frequencies of WiFi are prone to bouts of interference even from mundane house hold appliances.




Avoid Browser Navigation Buttons

While the back,forward,home and reload buttons are useful in web navigation they can disrupt the current state of web applications such as Blackboard. Using these buttons mid assignment can knock you out of your attempt. Especially while taking tests, exams or quizes please only use the webpage itself for navigation.


Save Your Test Whenever Possible

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Blackboard tests can vary quite a bit based on an instructor's particular needs. However most configurations should include a "Save" button every page of questions. Whenever you select this option your answer to the questions on this page are recorded by our system, even if the final submission can't go through the instructor still has access to the answers you chose up to this point. In an effect you are "backing up" the answers you have made so far. Like any good backup of files, you should take care to do it regularly. 


Make Sure Your Software Is Up To Date

Software Insallation Icon Mid test is the not the time to discover you have a lingering update and your computer would like to reboot itself in order to install it.

Before beginning a test, exam or quiz please take the time to make sure your browser, operating system and plugins are up to date.

We have instructions on how to do this, on our troubleshooting page.


If Possible Take Exams While the Helpdesk Is Open

ClockWhile not open 24/7 the helpdesk has extended hours beyond typical business hours. Taking a test while the helpdesk is open for calls ensures there is a live person available should you need assistance.

The helpdesk hours are available here.


If You Get Kicked Out Of a Test

Caution SignDon't panic but do act. Take a note of the current time, the computer you are using, the course you were in, the test you were taking and your username. You will want to contact both your instructor and the helpdesk.

Your instructor will be the one to assist you in actually getting back into the test. The helpdesk however can take your information, and the information we have in blackboard and place it into our work order system. They can then issue a ticket number so your instructor can check on this information at the helpdesk.

The helpdesk can capture the best possible information when a problem has just happened, calling hours or days after a problem adversely impacts our ability to gather information on it.


Persistent or Recurring Issues

ToolsIn most cases its not unusual for a student to have an odd night, an issue with their ISP, a browser crash or etc. while taking a course. However persistent or recurring issues are serious and are best resolved early.

Please consult our trouble shooting guide, which addresses the vast majority of the types of issues we see occur with students. If these steps do not help, or your problem is of another scope or you require additional assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to the helpdesk.