Human Resources

Mission Statement

Goals 2010 – 2011


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Office of Human Resources is committed to providing excellent service to faculty, staff, students, the university community and external communities. The Office of Human Resources directs personnel administration functions on campus that include the following areas of Human Resources Management: staff recruitment, fringe benefits administration, classification and salary administration, training and staff development, employee relations programs, policy development and administration, HRIS systems administration and support, the appeals process, Equal Employment Opportunity, consultation, and recommendations to top management.

Goal 1:  HRIS Security Review Role/Access Procedural Documentation and Reporting Needs

Objective 1.1: Review existing procedures for security roles/access and reporting needs of the numerous HR systems utilized in daily HR operations.  Establish security procedures that meet the HR functional operations by identifying role/access needs, draft procedures to define role/access needs by HR system and functional responsibilities that will demonstrate need and document purpose which justify the role/access, ensure timely authorization of new access and removal of access, and ensure procedures are written for each system to ensure functional back-up support can be provided timely.  Collaborate with vendors, and/or DoIT as appropriate; to ensure security roles/access, functional responsibilities, systems and procedures are drafted for each system utilized. 
Performance Indicator: 1.1.1 Identify and define each HRIS system and document functional security role/access needs.  Collaborate on project timeline and ensure deadlines are met and/or system adjustments are made as necessary to ensure continuity of customer service for HR functions related to each system. 

Performance Indicator: 1.1.2. HR staff actively participate in the documentation and review of HRIS system rule, validation, job submission procedures, access security, operational needs, etc. to determine changes necessary to develop and complete the various HR functions and related reporting.  Also, review existing HR daily functions, procedures and reporting to determine functional needs that may no longer be available to ensure optional methods are identified to meet campus needs and/or discontinued when a more efficient means are identified. 

Performance Indicator: 1.1.3. Define reporting needs. Participate in defining HR reporting needs related to new responsibilities with Banner HR/Payroll and in transitioning away from Cognos Report Net and RWA to the new reporting tool, WebFocus.  Ensure functional specifications are drafted timely for development of required reports. Collaborate with Financial Managers and Directors on reporting needs and develop possible reporting options to meet their needs.  
Performance Indicator: 1.1.4 Ensure procedure and policy changes and forms and system capabilities (rule and validation tables, Cognos reports, etc.) are developed timely while ensuring state and federal compliance (including reporting) and benefits deductions are functional. 

Performance Indicator: 1.1.4 Participate in training plans and communication to ensure HR staff are notified and receive timely procedure training as appropriate to ensure timely and accurate customer service.    

Assessment Procedure: Director of Human Resources reviews draft functional and security procedures and report specifications to ensure HR support including feedback and/or authorization to proceed. Financial Managers have access to additional and user friendly reports.

Use of Assessment Data:  HR staff have an improved understanding of HR functional responsibilities and procedures for each HRIS system utilized in daily operations as demonstrated by acceptance of appropriate systems access, adequate procedural documentation to perform responsibilities, and accuracy in data management as validated in error reporting.    

Goal 2: HR Policy Review & Related SPA Staff Handbook Updates

Objective 2.1: Ensure HR policies are updated and current with the Office of State Personnel. Collaborate with Staff Council to assist in the identification of a committee to serve in the review to draft revisions to the appropriate HR policies, including updating the SPA Staff Handbook, to ensure compliance with the Office of State Personnel policies, State and Federal requirements.

Performance Indicator 2.1.1: Communicate and report on all policy drafts to the Office of State Personnel, as required.  Communicate and report timely all policy changes to campus employees and supervisors to ensure understanding, responsibilities, and procedural changes.  Provide HR Update sessions by division and department, as requested.

Performance Indicator: 2.1.2 Ensure accurate application/interpretation of State Policies & Procedures. Maintain compliance with State guidelines.

Performance Indicator: 2.1.3 Ensure New hires informed of relevant HR policies during new employee orientation.

Assessment Procedure: Vice Chancellors and Business Affairs Directors receive communication of proposed draft policies and program changes, and administrative procedures, timely in order to provide input and feedback.  Staff Council participates in draft policy review and provides input.  Office of State Personnel provides feedback on revisions of policies.  Employees will provide feedback through staff council meeting, emails, individual meetings and training evaluations. 
                        Use of Assessment Data:  Feedback will be used to help improve communication to employees to help facilitate an improved understanding of the policy and procedures administered by HR on campus.

Goal 3:   Banner HR Procedures

Objective 1.1: Ensure procedural job aids are available for each HR functional responsibility.

Performance Indicator: 1.1.1. Participate in the documentation and review of internal Banner Finance/Human Resources rule, validation, job submission procedures, effective dating of records related to pay period and benefits eligibility, to determine procedures necessary to ensure accurate records maintenance for the various HR functions and reduce errors and arrears correction processing. 

Performance Indicator: 1.1.2 Ensure procedure and/or policy changes and forms are developed and communicated timely. 

Performance Indicator: 1.1.4 Participate in communication planning to ensure current employees (all types) are notified of all procedural processes and enhancements.   

Assessment Procedure:

Use of Assessment Data:  Financial Managers and HR/Payroll related employees have an improved understanding of campus payroll procedures as determined by acceptance of procedural documentation, training session evaluations, and reduction in HR data errors.