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The Importance of Keeping Passwords Secure

It is very important to the security of the UNCP networks that each user keeps his password secure. When you share passwords you put yourself and the rest of the network at risk.

Do not give your passwords to anyone, including members of the DoIT staff or to the technicians at the Blackboard helpdesk. If you suspect that someone may know your password, change the password immediately.

Do not post your password on your monitor or anywhere else on your desk. Do not keep it in an unlocked desk drawer, as this is the first place an intruder will look for it.

If there is a need for people in your department to share files, contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@uncp.edu and request that a shared folder be setup for the you. Indicate in the request who should have access to the folder. If the access is given to a list of people rather than a department, please include the names and usernames of the people who are to have access. Then only those files that are to be shared should be saved into that folder. Your information will remain secure.

If your password is not secure others will have access to your work with the ability to alter or delete important information. They will also have access to your email messages and will be able to send email messages in your name. Think of someone sending a threatening email message to the White House from your email account and the trouble that would cause you.

If others know your BraveWeb PAC they will have the ability to view your grades, other personal information and alter your class schedule.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact DoIT at 910.521.6260 or helpdesk@uncp.edu.