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BSW mission statement

The mission of the Social Work Program at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke seeks to prepare students for professional entry-level social work practice within a generalist model and to become leaders in enhancing the quality of life. In keeping with its rural setting and needs of the region’s populace, the program attempts to impart to and teach students the skills necessary for implementing solutions to rural problems. It is particularly concerned with the consequences of injustice, and thus focuses on the empowerment of populations-at-risk and the advancement of economic, political and social justice in all communities.

The BSW program builds on the core values of the University as articulated above. The BSW program is designed to (1) help meet the immediate and growing need in public, private and social service agencies in North Carolina for generalist social work professionals, and (2) to offer a generalist program that emphasizes worth with rural and Native American indigenous populations.

The Social Work Program’s mission statement is an extension of the university’s mission statement and provides the framework for the program’s goals and is appropriate to the purposes of the social work profession and social work education.

 Goals of the BSW Program

  • Program Goal #1: To prepare students for entry level generalist social work practice
  • Program Goal #2: To prepare students who will demonstrate the ability to appreciate human diversity and issues of social and economic justice
  • Program Goal #3: To prepare students to understand the role of the social worker in our region and a changing society
  • Program Goal #4: To instill in students a commitment for continued personal and professional growth

Implementation of the program goals will be characterized by the following:

Regional Rural Focus: Requires students to become knowledgeable about the regional landscape in which they live and understand the unique circumstances of practicing in culturally diverse rural areas.  This addresses the University’s goal of improving the quality of life for a culturally diverse society.

Community Development and Leadership:  Requires students to take leadership roles in public and private social service agencies in such areas as mental health, anti-poverty work, rural community development, and child welfare, while encouraging responsible participatory citizenship. This is in keeping with the University’s mission of preparing knowledgeable professionals for future community development.

Life Long Learning and Professional Development: The program seek to develop professional working relationships based on collaboration, and mutual learning dedicated to social justice, equity, and cultural competence.

Social and Economic Justice: The BSW program seeks to develop understanding of the multi-level relationships among economic, political, and social systems that contribute to the perpetuation of poverty and oppression.

International Exchange: Following the University’s mission, the Social Department will continue to support faculty/student exchanges, preparing students with global perspectives.

Technology: Graduates from the UNCP BSW program will gain a working knowledge of emerging information technology that meets the needs of the communities and contexts in which they will be practicing. Updated: Wednesday, June 10, 2009