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Certificate in School Counseling


Advanced School Counseling for Postsecondary Success

The Advanced School Counseling for Postsecondary Success (ASCPS) graduate certificate offered through the Professional School Counseling Program in the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling is the FIRST graduate certificate at UNCP.  The ASCPS is a 12-credit hour online certificate program available for current students enrolled in the Professional School Counseling (PSC) program as well as licensed school counselors who aim to obtain advanced training in school counseling.  

The certificate program is designed to prepare school counselors with an advanced skillset in designing and delivering services that lead to equitable educational experiences, positive outcomes, and postsecondary access and opportunity for all k-12 students.  


To complete the certificate, students must take at least four of the five courses below and pass with a B or better to qualify:

CNS 5760- Legal Aspects in Educational Leadership (offered in fall)

Constitutional, statutory, and case law bases of educational administration; a study of legal provisions and principles relating to education at all levels. Includes research and analysis of laws dealing with pertinent educational topics. 

CNS 5750- College and Career Readiness (offered in fall) 

This course examines theories and models of career development, school transitions, college access/college admissions counseling, and educational policy. Students will utilize action plans that include assessment tools, information sources, and technology to promote college and career readiness for diverse K-12 school communities. 

CNS 5780- Addressing the Achievement Gap and Issues of Social Justice (offered in spring)

This course provides students with a comprehensive framework for understanding the school counselor’s role in addressing the achievement gap and issues related to social justice. The course is designed to promote knowledge and skills that emphasize a social justice approach to comprehensive school counseling practice. Students will learn how to use data to uncover inequities in school practice and policy while developing and implementing interventions and strategies that promote social justice in K-12 schools. 

CNS 5770- Evidence Based School Counseling (offered in summer)

This course will focus primarily on the selection, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based interventions and programs that aim to promote student success. The course begins by exploring issues relevant to establishing evidence-based methods, including ways to effectively develop needs surveys and logic models. The remainder of the course will focus on how to deliver evidence-based practices in curriculum and intentional guidance. The course is designed to promote knowledge and skills related to data collection, program planning, evaluation, and intervention selection and delivery in K-12 settings. 

CNS 5650- School Counselor as Leader, Advocate, and Consultant (offered in summer)

A comprehensive study is made of contemporary practices of leadership, advocacy, and consultation in the school counseling profession. The course includes study of the transformation of the role of the professional school counselor, comprehensive guidance programs and the National Model, accountability measures, leadership qualities and styles, and fostering family, school, community connections in the 21st century. Theories and models of leadership and consultation are presented which school counselors can utilize to enhance the services they provide. 


Contact Dr. Shenika Jones for additional information ( or 910.521.6354).