Visualizing science: The impact of infographics on free recall, elaboration, and attitude change for genetically modified foods news

Faculty Publications
Namyeon Lee
Dr. Namyeon Lee
  • Dr. Namyeon Lee, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • Dr. Sungkyoung Lee, The University of Missouri-Columbia


Within the theoretical frameworks of the dual coding theory, this study examined how the implementation of infographics would influence audiences’ cognitive responses to science news reporting topics of genetically modified food and bioengineering. A total of 280 participants were randomly assigned to view news articles that report genetically modified food information presented via infographics or text. Findings showed that the participants recalled more information, elaborated more message-relevant thoughts, and had more favorable attitude changes toward the genetically modified foods when science news content is presented in infographics compared with text. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed herein.