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An updated ‘Professional Profiles’ published twice last year

August 18, 2006

Students in UNC Pembroke’s Department of Mass Communications published two editions of Professional Profiles magazine last year.

professional_profiles.jpgThe magazine first came out in 1981, and was published twice a year through 1985. Since 1987, it was a once a year project.

“This year, the students wanted to return to the more energetic schedule so more of their writing could be showcased,” said Dr. Anthony Curtis, advisor for the project.  .

Professional Profiles is one of several annual student publications, including The Pine Needle student newspaper, the Indianhead yearbook, the Aurochs collection of poetry and photography, and ReVisions, a collection of best student essays.

Copy for both the fall 2005, the 25th edition and spring 2006, number 26, was written and edited by students in Dr. Curtis’ feature writing course.

“Each student in the feature writing course interviewed a member of the faculty or administration and wrote a feature article profiling their person,” Dr. Curtis explained. “And, it’s full color on magazine quality paper.”

Mark Schulman, a senior journalism major, performed editing, layout and production duties for the fall 2005 issue. Students in the computer-assisted editing and publication design class instructed by Ms. Sara Oswald did the layout and production for the spring 2006 issue.

In addition, Dr. Judy Curtis, assistant professor of mass communication and faculty advisor to The Pine Needle student newspaper, also worked closely with the students on their copy editing. Sampson-Livermore Library has a complete run of Professional Profiles.

“For all those years, the magazine was printed in black-and-white, but by 2004, it had a very dated look,” Curtis recalled. “Last year, the students redesigned the look and feel of the magazine, cover-to-cover, and four-color reproduction was added throughout.

“As you can imagine, a great many faculty members and administrators have been profiled during the 25-year run of this magazine,” Dr. Curtis pointed out. “More than 100 in just the last six years for which I have records.”

The 20 faculty members and administrators profiled this year were Dr. Charles Beem, history; Dr. Scott Billingsley, history; Dr. Andreas Broscheid, political science; Dr. Betty Wells Brown, education; Dr. Alfred Bryant Jr., education; Dr. Carmen Calabrese, MBA program director; Dr. Susan Cannata, English; Dr. Elinor Foster, dean of the library; Dr. Richard Gay, art; Dr. Charles Harrington, provost; Dr. Diane Jones, vice chancellor for Student Affairs; Dr. Chet Jordan, theatre; Dr. Charles Lillie, computer science; Dr. Dandan Liu, mass communications; Steve Martin, UNCP architect; Dr. Edwin Mensah, economics; Dr. Maria Pereira, biology; Dr. Shelby Stephenson, English; Sandy Stratil, College Opportunities Program director; and Susan Whitt, assistant dean of the library.

The students who researched, interviewed, wrote and edited the feature articles were Brittany Andrews, Brandon Barber, Lesley Covington, Margaret Damghani, Florence de Vries, Kevin Dunn, Adam Fenwick, Carol Franch, Kelly Griffith, Colleen Griffiths, Amanda Hickey, Ariel Houchens, Kirsten Johnson, Krista Lamm, Nicole Lord, Camron Rawls, Fredena Revels, Melina Savage, Blake Tyner and Jimi Wilson.

The computer-assisted editing and design students who prepared the spring magazine pages were Joe Causey, Sybil Jackson, Uché McClennahan and Natasha Tajman.

“We're very grateful to the Office of Academic Affairs for their continuing support of this significant experience for our students,” Dr. Curtis said.

The magazines are not only printed, but also available as PDF files online at