UNCP's International Programs Gains A Partner


 German exchange

Pictured (left to right): Dr. Roger Brown, Dr. Paula Swatman and Chancellor Allen Meadors

Officials from UNC Pembroke and a German university recently signed a student exchange agreement.

It is UNCP's fifth European student exchange pact. Students may now choose among two French programs, two German universities and a Swedish university for international studies.

The University of Koblenz-Landau, located in the historic Rhine region of Germany, is similar to UNCP in many ways and offers courses in English.

Like UNCP, the university is relatively small university that, unlike most German universities, is designed on the international higher education model.

Koblenz-Landau has an enrollment of 8,000 on two campuses, and is located in a rural region near France that is world famous for wine and castles. It is located on two campuses, each with an enrollment similar to UNCP.

To make itself an attractive international destination for students, Koblenz-Landau offers its business programs in English.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors continues to search for international opportunities for UNCP students and faculty.

"We are actively seeking partners from around the globe for exchanges of students, professors and programs," Chancellor Meadors said. "This exchange program with Koblenz-Landau is a plum for our students."

"The University of Koblenz-Landau offers popular programs and is located in the heart of the continent," Dr. Meadors said. "Koblenz is a rail center and an ideal location for exposure to the major cites of the Europe."

"This school is very similar is size and academic offerings to UNCP, and I believe it will be a comfortable fit for our students," he said. "Exposing many more of our students to an international learning environment is a strategic goal for us in the near term."

Dr. Paula Swatman, Koblenz-Landau's director of the Institute for Management, is also actively recruiting partners around the globe. UNCP is the fifth U.S. university to sign on with the German school.

"Our university has a history of internationalism," Dr. Swatman said. "We believe that Koblenz-Landau is an ideal place for students to spend a summer session, a semester or an entire year."

The language barrier is not a barrier, the professor said.

"I'm Australian, and I am taking German classes," the professor said. "Students may take German language classes if they choose, but half the classes offered are in English."

Cost should not be an obstacle to studying abroad either. UNCP students pay regular tuition. Room and board may be less expensive in the Rhine region, leaving only travel as an additional cost.

Dr. Alex Chen, associate vice chancellor for International Programs, explained why UNCP targeted this German university.

"Koblenz-Landau is a new program that, unlike other German universities, offers courses in English," Dr. Chen said. "It is also strategically located in a lovely region with access to major European cities by train in just hours."

UNCP is currently looking to all corners of the globe for international partners, Dr. Chen said.

"We are looking at Spain and Italy, but Latin America is the missing link in our strategic plan," he said. "It is so important for students to gain a global perspective, particularly business students because so much U.S. business is conducted abroad."

For more information about International Programs at UNCP, call 910.521.6224 or email oip@uncp.edu.