UNCP's Honors College Returns From Utah


 Honor's College

Representing UNCP's Honors College - From left: Candice Gooch, Director Carolyn Thompson, Barbara Jacobson, Maureen Baisley, Andrea Winter and Nathan Humphrey.

UNC Pembroke's Honors College broke new ground when Director Carolyn Thompson led five students to Salt Lake City for the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Of the 2,000 in attendance, 1,500 were students from across the country. The October conference featured student research or project presentations and workshops about developing collegiate honors programs and the honors experience from various perspectives.

Sophomores Candice Gooch and Barbara Jacobson presented topics of significant academic value, and according to Dr. Thompson, they did not disappoint.

"They were prepared and represented UNCP remarkably," she said.

Gooch and Jacobson developed their presentations from assignments in an honors English class, taught by Dr. Monika Brown. Gooch used a PowerPoint prestation set to music to demonstrate how the musical elements in a symphonic poem reflect the musical elements in Shakespeare's tragedies.

"I would definitely do it again, and I am working on another paper to take to either Chicago or Greensboro," said Gooch.

UNCP's new Honors College, whose goals is to attract high quality scholars with an enriched academic and cultural environment, is in its second year. The NCHC holds its annual meeting in a different city every year.

Barbara Jacobson's presentation, titled "To Drill or Not to Drill?" also used visual effects to discuss oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Nate Humphrey, Maureen Baisely and Andrea Winter observed the caliber of other student presentations and considered their own future research projects.

"I went to learn about what it takes to present and how not to be intimidated," said freshman Nate Humphrey. He is currently planning research proposals related to his major in biology.

The UNCP group also enjoyed the sights and sounds of Salt Lake City and went to Park City Ski Resort to see where Olympic ski jump events took place.

"It was snowing. It was a blizzard," Humphrey said. They also went to a hockey game and visited Temple Square, a major Mormon tourist attraction.

The trip was a success to all involved. "It was enormous fun. I loved every minute," said Candice Gooch. "I am definitely going to Chicago next year," said Nate Humphrey.

For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Thompson, Director of the Honors College, at 910.521.6841 or email carolyn.thompson@uncp.edu.