UNCP Trustees Approve Tuition Hike


UNC Pembroke's Board of Trustees unanimously approved Friday, March 22, a $150 increase in tuition for the 2002-3 school year.

An eight percent in-state and 12 percent out-of-state tuition hike is pending before the North Carolina General Assembly.

The $150 "campus-based" tuition hike is in addition to the proposed system wide increase. Campus-based tuition, now going into its second year, will be $236.40 for 2002-3. It is the second lowest among the 16 UNC universities.

In-state tuition will rise to $1,394 per year from $1,152, or 21 percent. Out-state-tuition will rise to $10,313 per year from $9.074.

The UNC Board of Governors gave UNCP the green light to go up to $200 in campus-based tuition increases, but university leaders did not go there.

"Our tuition remains among the lowest in the state and the state's tuition among the bottom 15 percent in the nation," Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said. "No one could predict this would happen to the state's economy."

Chancellor Meadors said the university faces between 1-10 percent budget cuts in 1002-3 because of the state financial crisis.

"This is going to be a very tough legislative session," Dr. Meadors said. "Everything is going to be on the table."

"We are attempting to be a conservative as possible with this tuition increase," board Chair Cheryl Locklear said.

Campus-based tuition at UNCP is used for faculty resources, support of student activities, staff salary and scholarship funding to offset the cost of the increase for low-income students.