UNCP signs exchange agreement with German university


 German university

Pictured (from left): UNCP Provost Roger Brown, Rector Hartmut Melenk, UNCP Chancellor Allen C. Meadors and Dr. Peter Dines, director of International Programs.

UNC Pembroke students and professors can now study and teach abroad at Pedagogische Hochschule-Ludwigsburg in Germany. Students and faculty from the German university will also be coming to UNC Pembroke thanks to an exchange agreement signed March 21.

This is the second German university to participate in the study abroad program with UNC Pembroke.

"UNC Pembroke is about the same size as Pedagogische Hochschule-Ludwigsburg, making this a good fit for both institutions," UNC Pembroke Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Roger Brown said.

"Our German students are interested in UNC Pembroke's Native American studies, and you have a strong education program our students will want to come here for," Rector, (president) of the German university said.

Pedagogische Hochschule-Ludwigsburg University specializes in teacher and liberal arts education, he said.

"We are excited about our students studying European culture," Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said, "It's a chance for our students to improve their language skills and be exposed to more cultural diversity."

Pedagogische Hochschule-Ludwigsburg is in Stuttgart in southwestern Germany. Stuttgart is known for its 18th century palaces and automobile manufacturing.

UNC Pembroke students can apply for scholarships to cover room and board when they go to Pedagogische Hochschule-Ludwigsburg, and they could also receive money to help with travel expenses.

For more information, call International Programs at 910.521.6224.