UNCP Science Fair attracts record numbers


science fairThe winner of the 22nd annual UNC Pembroke Science Fair is 9th grader Hannah Woriax from Purnell Swett High School.

With 545 entries, this year's Science Fair was the biggest ever.

"We ran out of tables. I think the chancellor will buy more next year," Science Fair coordinator Jose D'Arruda said laughing.

While working on her winning project, Woriax discovered fresh garlic fought bacteria better than antibiotics.

"I tested garlic, sage and ginkgo," Woriax said, "and garlic killed ecoli while the others didn't do as well."

Her research and display, "Native Herbs as Antibiotics," earned Woriax a full scholarship, valued at more than $1,200, for her first year at UNC Pembroke. Woriax, who is the daughter of Dr. Velinda Woriax a professor in UNCP's Biology Department, said she plans to use the scholarship.

"This is the best Science Fair we've had in a long time and we're happy that two of the main winners were from Purnell Swett," D'Arruda said.

Top Science Fair winners will go on to the state competition in Raleigh on April 25.

"It took me two months to put this project together but the research was very interesting and I plan to compete in next year's science fair," Woriax said.

Woriax said she plans to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and go to medical school.


First Place Elementary (continue to state competition)

  • Bryce Dunn - Cape Fear Christian
  • Ian Helfrich - home school
  • Randy McNeill - Boone Trail Elementary
  • Elizabeth Tew - Gospel Tabernacle Academy
  • Erin Steed - Candor Elementary
  • Benjamin Cruse - Wayne Avenue
  • John Raines - Dublin Elementary
  • Enka Bullard - Pembroke Elementary

Elementary Honorable Mention

  • Carter Benge - Van Story Hills Elementary
  • Austin Collins - Cape Fear Elementary
  • Jordan Rust - Carroll Middle
  • Brooke Hunter - South Scotland Elementary
  • Jackson Greene - Elizabethtown Middle
  • Joshua Vest, Israel Gonzales, Dillon Locklear - Union Chapel Elementary
  • Sarah Parsons - Star-Biscoe
  • Alan Robinson - Candor Elementary

Junior Biology (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Angelica Chavis - Pembroke Middle
  • 2nd Megan Stone - West Hoke
  • 3rd Virginia Criscoe - Cape Fear Christian
  • 4th Kylee Patterson - Carver Middle

Junior Earth Science (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Jack Kerns and Megan Godwin - West Pine Middle (continue to finals)
  • 2nd Bobbie Clemmens - Western Harnett Middle
  • 3rd Candice Locklear - Rex-Rennert Elementary
  • 4th Christy Wallace - East Hoke Middle
  • 4th Austin Lanier - Tabor City Middle

Junior Physical Science (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st David Kinlaw - Clarkton School of Discovery
  • 2nd William Wright - West Life Middle
  • 3rd Sarah Tart - Cape Fear Christian
  • 4th Amanda Morrison - Western Harnett

Junior Technology (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Grant Harrison - West Middle
  • 2nd Jana Tyler - Hallsboro Middle
  • 3rd Jake Flittner - West Pine Middle
  • 4th Dennis Peters - East Hoke Middle

Senior Applied Technology (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Kenwin Cummings - Purnell Swett High
  • 2nd Noele Hester - West Bladen
  • 3rd Benjamin Seidenberg - Pinecrest
  • 4th Ashley Hammonds - Lumberton High

Senior Biology (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Hannah Worriax - Purnell Swett High
  • 2nd Wesley Bell - North Moore
  • 3rd Michael Tem - Union Pines
  • 4th Mary Patman - Union Pines

Senior Earth Science (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Elizabeth Locklear - Red Springs High
  • 2nd Karri Locklear - Purnell Swett
  • 3rd Heather Brewer - AISES
  • 4th Tiffany Scott - AISES

Senior Physical Science (first and second places go to state)

  • 1st Justin Deese - Purnell Swett High
  • 2nd Andrew Hicks - Hoke County
  • 3rd Crystal Garren - Pinecrest
  • 4th Kandace Powers - West Bladen