UNCP pays respects on 9/11


Five years after 9/11, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke paused on Monday morning to remember the lives lost to terrorism and the bravery of police, fire and rescue personnel.


Chancellor Allen C. Meadors addresses  the 9/11 ceremony.

With UNCP’s ROTC unit as a backdrop, the day of remembrance and tribute was a solemn reminder that the war against terror goes on, said Dr. Charles Harrington, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

“9/11 is a day etched in history that each of us will remember painfully,” Dr. Harrington said. “It gave us the resolve to take the war on terror to the enemy .. so that we will be more secure and this will never happen again in America.”

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors called it “a day of tragedy and a day of miracles.”

“9/11 strikes at everything that this country is about and everything this University is about,” Chancellor Meadors said. “We celebrate diversity and tolerance, and everybody has a place here.”


Emiko Mizunuma

UNCP’s Director of the English Institute and Japanese national, Dr. Emiko Mizunuma, was 20 blocks from ground zero on 9/11 as a student and instructor at New York University.

“I was preparing to go to school as usual,” Dr. Muzunuma said. “It became evident that something awful was happening to my city.

“Afterward, we tried to do everything we could for students who were relocated,” she said. “We cried for four months; I still don’t know why.

“Then, I thought, ‘how has this changed me?’” Dr. Muzunuma said. “I was deeply moved by the courage of New Yorkers and the strength of Americans.”

Dr. Muzunuma decided to remain in the U.S. at that moment.

 “I decided, ‘ I want to be part of this,’” she said. “Now, I teach my students the greatness of this country.”

UNCP students were given the opportunity to create “Cards for Troops” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the James B. Chavis University Center. The campus tribute was sponsored by ROTC, the Office of Student Life and Center for the Leadership and Services.