UNCP offers an introduction to Chinese language


A unique introductory Chinese language course will be offered in 2005-06 by UNC Pembroke’s Department of English, Theatre, and Languages (ETL).


Dennis Sigmon

Dennis Sigmon

The course is yearlong and online from UNC-Chapel Hill. It includes weekly “conversation hours” and a two-week cultural immersion in China in May.

Entitled “Working Mandarin,” the course earns 4.5 credit hours and is available to graduate or undergraduate, degree or non-degree seeking students. It is offered by Chapel Hill’s International Business Education and Research Center and emphasizes Chinese business culture and language skills.

The cost for the course above tuition is $1,800 for materials and travel, not including airfare. Students must have use of a computer with Windows XP, audio capability and RealPlayer software.

ETL Chair Dr. Dennis Sigmon said the course is a good addition to UNCP language offerings, and he said the class is an introduction to Chinese language.

“We’re pleased to offer this opportunity to our students,” Dr. Sigmon said. “The focus is on business-related language, so this is appropriate for the business community, but as an introductory class, it also focuses on basic language skills.”

“In Beijing, the students will have a true immersion experience and live in a family setting,” he said. “There will be skill-building exercises including one called ‘Mission (Im)possible’ in which teams of students perform tasks and answer questions.”

Interested students should register by Friday, August 26. Classes, which require approximately three hours a week, begin August 31 and end April 27. The trip to China will be May 16-30, 2006.

For registration information, please contact the ETL Department at 910.521.6246 or email dennis.sigmon@uncp.edu. For more information about the course, please contact Lynne Gerber at Chapel Hill at 919.962.2684 or email lynne.gerber@unc.edu.