UNCP hosts faculty exchange representative from Taiwan


Business professor Dr. John Wei-Shan Hu of Taiwan spent two weeks in March on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

He participated in a faculty exchange program with UNCP’s sister university, Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU).


Dr. John Wei-Shan Hu, Chancellor Allen C. Meadors and Dr. Alex Chen

“I want to express my gratitude to Chancellor (Allen C.) Meadors, Provost (Roger) Brown and to Dr. (Alex) Chen’s department (International Programs) for their kind hospitality,” Dr. Hu said. “I am honored to be the first exchange scholar to visit UNCP from my university. We hope to make this an annual tradition.”

A professor of finance in CYCU’s Business School, Dr. Hu is no stranger to higher education in the U.S. He earned his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in financial management at Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in financial management at Oklahoma University.

Dr. Hu is from a distinguished family and has had an outstanding career in business and academia. He is the former dean of the Business College for CYCU and has authored numerous scholarly works.

Besides scholarly exchange, Dr. Hu is working to build bridges between CYCU and UNCP.

“Fourteen of our students and one professor recently traveled to UNCP for a two-week program on international business,” Dr. Hu said. “Your faculty impressed our students so much that two have applied for admission to your MBA program.”

“We are recruiting UNCP students,” he said. “We are planning a summer program for your students.”


Hu and UNCP Provost Roger Brown

The possibilities for exchange are many, Dr. Hu said. He discussed research possibilities with UNCP faculty and the creation of a joint MBA program.

“We also have an applied Chinese language program so that UNCP students could live and attend classes with our students,” he said.

Before leaving Pembroke, Dr. Hu met with his exchange counterpart Dr. John Parnell, the Belk Distinguished Professor of Management at UNCP.

“I look forward to meeting with Dr. Parnell and exchanging ideas,” Dr. Hu said.

Dr. Alex Chen, associate vice chancellor for International Programs at UNCP, said exchanges like this one are beneficial for both universities.

"Faculty are the ones who bring new ideas and knowledge to classrooms,” Dr. Chen said. “It is important to increase faculty interaction and exchange for UNCP.”

“We have sent more than a dozen faculty members to different countries to interact with other scholars last year,” Dr. Chen said. “This is the first two-week international exchange program, and both Drs. Hu and Parnell will benefit. Students of UNCP and CYCU will benefit from this program also.”

Dr. Hu said the hospitality at UNCP was warm.

“The people here are very friendly, and our students are very impressed also,” Dr. Hu said.
Chung Yuan Christian University has an enrollment of 15,000 with 4,000 in the School of Business. CYCU’s Christian affiliation is more than nominal and Dr. Hu is an elder in the Baptist Church.

For more information on International Programs at UNCP, please call 910.521.4095 or email oip@uncp.edu.