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UNCP has reorganized academic student service programs


Chancellor Kyle R. Carter announced a strategic reorganization of academic student services programs with the goal of promoting student success.

Effective July 1, the reorganization places student services offices for academic support under the direction of Jackie Clark, vice chancellor for Enrollment Management. In this role, Clark and the new student services group will report to Dr. Kenneth Kitts, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The newly formed student academic service group will include the offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Disability Support Services, Academic Excellence, College Opportunity Program, Student Support Services (TRIO), New Student and Family Orientation and N.C. Health Careers Access Program (HCAP).

“This is a more coherent approach to delivering services that are vital for student and institutional success,” Chancellor Carter said. “Consolidating many of these support programs in the D.F. Lowry Building will give us an opportunity to serve our students more efficiently and effectively.”

The move to the D.F. Lowry Building, which is a visible and central location, is expected to take place before the 2012 spring semester.

Dr. Kitts, who has prior experience directing student support and enrollment management services, said the move will put better focus on retention and graduation initiatives.

“Combining student support offices with similar functions under the same roof makes good business sense,” Dr. Kitts said. “It’s a one-stop concept for student convenience with the objective of aiding student success.

“Student success is a shared responsibility across campus,” he said. “The question is on the table, and this is how we believe it will work best for all of us.”

Clark will also continue in her role leading strategic enrollment and the Office of Admissions and for the university. In this capacity, Clark  will report to Chancellor Carter.

 “By putting programs that support academic success together, we will find efficiencies to support our mission,” Clark said.

Retention and graduation rates are key measures of success, she continued. “What happens in the classroom is at the core of student success. Academic support services compliment the student success experience,” she said.

In a time of rising admissions requirements for UNCP, several of Clark’s programs will help maintain access for students who wish to get a college education. “This is our historic mission,” she said. “We must ensure student success and student access for our high school graduates in our region.”

From serving students with disabilities to providing support and advisement to students who want to go to graduate school, the student support group pulls together offices that were previously split.

Drawn from Academic Affairs are the Office of the Registrar, Disability Support Services, the College Opportunity Program, the Health Careers Access Program and Student Support Services (TRIO). From Enrollment Management are the Office of Financial Aid, the Center for Academic Excellence and the New Student and Family Orientation program.

“I am looking forward to working with the provost and all the academic support units,” Clark said. “My broader role is twofold: first, to support the recruitment of students who will be successful and second, to support academic programs that will make it happen.

“The reorganization ensures that we have institutional programs in place that meet the needs of a growing institution and its students,” she said. “It brings together planning for the future of the institution with the needs of today’s students and the students of the future.”