UNCP enrollment hits new record for fall 2006


Enrollment surged ahead for the 7th consecutive year at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

At a Board of Trustees meeting on August 30, Chancellor Allen C. Meadors reported that fall 2006 enrollment reached 5,829, compared with 5,632 the previous year. It might have been better, he said.

“As of July, we could not guarantee a room to prospective students,” Chancellor Meadors said. “I estimated we lost 100-150 students.”

Student housing on campus hit a new record too, said Dr. Diane Jones, vice chancellor for Student Affairs. 1,440 students are living on a campus that has a capacity of 1,344.

There is hope for next year. UNCP will have a new residence hall on line with 336 beds, and several off-campus apartment projects are underway that will offer between 830-1,050 new beds, Chancellor Meadors said.

Despite an overall enrollment increase of 3.5 percent, freshman enrollment was 958, or 34 fewer than in 2005. 520 students transferred to UNCP, 23 more than last year.

“We’re not happy with our numbers this year,” Chancellor Meadors said. “We were planning for about 1,000 freshmen, but when there’s no room at the inn, there’s no room.”

The class of 2010 has a higher high school GPA and SAT scores than last year’s class, he reported. Average GPA was 3.08 and SAT scores of 940, despite a decline in the national SAT scores for high school seniors.

Out-of-state and international student enrollment both increased. There are 81 international and 269 out-of-state students, compared to 59 and 239 respectively in 2005.

Employment of faculty and staff continued to grow in 2006. There are 255 full-time faculty members compared to 237 last year and 150 in 1999 when Chancellor Meadors arrived on campus. There are 454 full-time staff members at UNCP compared with 294 in 1999.

Since 1999, enrollment has almost doubled at UNCP, growing 96.5 percent.

Contributions to the University soared during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2006, Chancellor Meadors reported. UNCP took in $4.3 million in 2006 vs. $1.3 million in 2005.

“Some said we would only raise money for football, but $3.1 million was for academics,” he said.

In other business the trustees voted to close the University’s old main entrance off 3rd Street to make way for a new traffic light at the entrance to the parking areas on the south end of campus.

Safety concerns were cited, and the closing is dependent on availability of state funding for the project. Pembroke Mayor and UNCP Trustee Milton Hunt gave the project his vote of approval.